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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome to Boots On!

When it comes to politics, many arguments are based on misinformation, canards, and flawed logic. It is our objective to bring truth, logic, and reason to the discourse.

The contributors to this blog offer a conservative view to political issues. It is our intent to advance conservatism in the political arena by winning the hearts and minds of more voters. We are not the official voice of the Republican Party. But, as conservatives, we generally do support the Republican Party and its candidates. More importantly, we support and advocate for conservatism, conservative candidates, and conservative office holders. It is our hope to encourage like-minded readers to do the same.

Let there be no question, we are an advocate for political issues and candidates that support a conservative view toward government. We believe a citizen government requires citizen participation in the discourse. Through this discourse, we clearly hope to garner favorable government action to return the conservative vision of our Founding Fathers to the halls of Congress, as well as to state and local governments.

We have four simple goals:

  1. To be a voice for truth and present facts and viewpoints that may not be widely disseminated by the Mainstream Media. We hope that more voices of truth will slow the spread of misinformation. By serving as another resource on the web, we hope to encourage others to be active voices of truth and the conservative message.

  2. To succinctly articulate the logic and reasoning for our positions on the issues we discuss. We hope to dispel the many myths about modern political conservatism – and modern political liberalism. More importantly, we constantly strive to find the definitive arguments for conservative issues and ideology.

  3. To be family friendly. We want this site to be a suitable resource for junior high school students and up. Some issues are difficult to discuss with younger readers. Indeed, some are difficult to discuss at all. We pledge to approach such issues tactfully, as if our children are present – as they often are. It is our intent to keep this site (including comments) free from abusive language and unnecessarily disturbing content. We are not prudes, but please use some common sense in the way you express yourself.

  4. To promote a civil discourse, even if it becomes heated. There is often vehement disagreement on the issues discussed here and there is no problem with this as long as the dialog does not degrade to the level of libel, slander, intimidation, threats, and/or vulgarity. There is nothing wrong with pointed sarcasm, ridicule, or harsh criticism as long as it is kept within the bounds of civility (see #3 above). Boots On reserves the right to suppress or delete any commentary deemed to violate local, state, or federal law, or our own standards of civility and decorum. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement if the situation warrants it. Please remember that anytime one posts on the Internet there is an audit trail that can be used by law enforcement to identify the poster should the situation deem it necessary. In general, if you would not feel guilty or embarrassed to have your mother review your commentary there will be no problem!
We encourage all to comment. We particularly encourage those who disagree with us to join in. If our facts are in error, we will correct them. If our logic or reasoning is flawed, here is your chance to challenge it. While it is permissible to comment anonymously, we encourage you to use a moniker other than the default "Anonymous", especially if your comment is intended to promote further discussion. For example, your anonymity is still protected if you comment as "Liberal Bill" or "John from Minneapolis" as it is by "Anonymous", but having a name associated with a given comment facilitates easier reference to it in subsequent discussions by us or other commentators.

We hope that Boots On will become one of your bookmarked resources for better articling your views among those with whom you congregate. We’re putting our boots on and hoping that you will too!


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