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Monday, October 31, 2005

Liberals Do Best…

G-Man’s Rule #1 of American Politics:

Liberals do best that which they claim others do.

Learn it. Know it. Remember it. When a liberal makes an accusation against a conservative, multiply it tenfold and apply the accusation to the liberal. You will be far closer to the truth.

Perhaps few are better at projecting their own faults upon their opponents than Senator Chucky Schumer with his daily “out of the mainstream” rhetoric.

President Bush won re-election with a 3 million vote advantage earning 51% of the total votes cast. This was the first time since his father’s election in 1988 that the President won with the majority of the votes. President Clinton won his first election with only 43% of the vote -- 57% voted against him in 1992.

Arguably, mainstream America voted for President Bush in 2004 and AGAINST President Clinton in 1992. If anyone nominated Supreme Court justices who were “out of the mainstream”, it was President Clinton with both Ginsburg and Breyer.

Still, when Ginsburg and Breyer were nominated, Republicans in the Senate honored President Clinton’s right to nominate whom he pleases – even if the nominees would move the court to the extreme left by legislating from the bench. Check the votes, most, if not all of the Republican Senators voted for both Ginsburg and Breyer.

Going forward, we are likely to hear lots of noise from Schumer et al regarding the need to unite the nation with the Supreme Court nominee. Funny, I don’t recall this argument presented until the minority party – The Little Left -- needed a means to coerce support for their minority viewpoint.

But, let’s take them for their word. Let us see how important uniting the nation really is to the Democrat Party. How many Democrat senators will honor the President’s right to nominate whom he pleases as Republican Senators did for President Clinton in 1993 and 1994? How many Democrats will show unity by supporting Judge Sam Alito – and how many will promote division by opposing him?


Consider recent controversial court decisions such as outlawing the Pledge of the Allegiance in public schools and allowing cities to give your property to big corporate developers. Are these the decisions of mainstream judges – or extreme lefties? Do these decisions serve to unite the nation – or divide us? Are they mostly from judges nominated by Republicans – or Democrats? Nuf said about the Democrats’ ability to pick a judge – and their true desire for unity.


No need to point out that the Conservative Base – a.k.a. the Radical Right [I’ll wear the badge with honor] – nixed President Bush’s previous choice. There was a fair argument that conservative supporters should do more to honor the President’s right to select his nominee. But, all of this presupposes that the nominee was qualified for the position.

Initial opposition to Harriet Miers was from the belief that she was not proven to be a qualified strict constructionist as the President suggested. Ultimately, when more of her history was discovered these fears were proven to be warranted. But, in the end, senators who interviewed Harriet Miers suggested that they were generally unimpressed with her overall qualifications for service on the highest court. Finally, for a potential Justice to have been privy to confidential White House conversations, it proved to be awkward at best should matters of related interest come before the bench.


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