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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MSM Celebrating Terrorists

Why is the mainstream media so determined to celebrate the successes of terrorists?

Since September 11, 2001, we have lost over 5,000 U.S. lives in a war that terrorists openly waged against the United States. Of these, 2,000 U.S. soldiers gave their lives defending freedom in Iraq.

CBS News was quick to point out that 90% of the U.S. casualties in Iraq occurred after President Bush announced an end to major combat operations. But, why is this news-worthy?

Is CBS attempting to imply that the President was wrong about the end to major combat operations? This seems to be a very weak story to peddle since major combat operations did, indeed, end in May of 2003. While there have been isolated operations such as in Fallujah, we have not moved battalions of troops in a unified operation of combat against a unified enemy since the President’s pronouncement.

Further, to those of us who actually listened to the President’s speech on USS Abraham Lincoln, he left the clear impression that the “transition from dictatorship to democracy will take time”, will be difficult, and will be dangerous.

If the MSM was interested in the facts, just the facts, rather than attempting pot shots at the President, they would do more to identify the nature of the attacks that killed most of our troops. Most of our casualties occurred at the hand of terrorist acts – roadside bombs, suicide bombers, and car bombs. And, most of these acts were targeted at Iraqi civilians.

These deadly acts are not the product of “major combat operations”, they are the product of terrorists bent on thwarting freedom in Iraq.

But, if the battle in Iraq is to be measured exclusively by head counts (never mind the success of the first free election and of a freely adopted constitution), do not the casualties among terrorist “insurgents” also matter? Such casualties far out number those of American troops.

No U.S. death is easy to accept, but there is perspective in knowing what they are dying for. Our troops are protecting our freedom by denying terrorists the home front they seek in Iraq. Further, they liberated 25 million civilians from a mass murderous dictator and are protecting their freedom until they are able to do so themselves. Finally, they are ridding the world of more terrorists.

Given that the bigger picture points to success in Iraq, freedom for Iraqis, no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11, and futility for the terrorists; again I ask “why is the MSM do determined to celebrate the successes of terrorists?”


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