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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Do We Really Need Moore Government?

New Brighton City Council candidate Kim Moore-Sykes's campaign flyer is as lackluster as her candidacy. It does, however, contain several statements that are revealing about her positions (probably beyond what she intended). If nothing else, the flyer is good for amusement purposes or lining a bird cage.

Let's take a closer look at some of the statements:

"If YOU are looking for...MOORE experience, MOORE ability, MOORE integrity, MOORE commitment vote for MOORE-SYKES".
Ignoring the painfully lame attempt at cleverness, the statement uses up about 20% of the front of the flyer and, like the candidate's media appearances, says nothing of substance. When you look at her "experience" and "ability" versus what she has accomplished on the city council the statements look like verbal empty calories. As far as "integrity" goes, considering her votes on eminent domain I'm not so sure she should even bring up the topic. I can see some argument for "commitment", though probably not the way she had in mind. Given her past actions on the council she really needs to add "MORE GOVERNMENT" to the list in the interest of truth and accuracy.

"Let's keep New Brighton the preferred place to live, work and do business!"
New Brighton is a nice place to live. It scores high marks for public safety and quiet neighborhoods, but one of the reasons it is so quiet is that the number of people employed by businesses within the city and the amount of business transacted appears to lag far behind that of neighboring communities. Ms. Moore-Sykes's propensity to consider cutting budgets related to public safety as well as raising taxes to cover increased city spending in non-essential areas could negatively impact both public safety and commerce. The statement could have read "Let's make New Brighton the preferred place to live, work and do business!", but I don't think the Moore-Sykes campaign is really that interested in endorsing Sharon Doffing and Gina Bauman.

"Why Kim Moore-Sykes?...Because Kim Moore-Sykes supported..."
The question portion is actually very good. Maybe reading on about what she supported will provide some answers...

"Working with the community to develop a strong retail center at Brighton Village"
If Brighton Village, which has been pretty much dormant for over six years, is Ms. Moore-Sykes's idea of a strong retail center it doesn't say too much about her judgment. I wonder what her idea of a weak to mediocre retail center is.

"Coordinating efforts of the Community and legislators to create a strong economic base at the Northwest Quadrant"
Most of the comments that apply to Brighton Village also apply here. If "coordinating efforts" refers to supporting eminent domain to force residents from their homes and businesses I don't think we really need the efforts. Her enthusiastic support of eminent domain shows that she definitely has what it takes to take what you have!

"Working toward a Community of Promise for our children with our educators and religious leaders"
Just what exactly is a "Community of Promise" other than a happy sounding, substance-free fragment? It's interesting that she mentions "religious leaders" while not indicating any religious affiliation on the flyer which has become almost obligatory on local campaign literature.

"Keeping New Brighton a livable community for everyone..."
By definition, any community that has residents must be "livable" (with the possible exception of former residents who were relieved of their home or business by the city's use of eminent domain and had to relocate to another city). Perhaps she intended "livable" to be associated with the liberal buzz-phrase "livable wage", a euphamism for the redistribution of wealth and government meddling in business.

"Working with the Public Safety Department to get commitments from apartment owners and managers to provide safe and secure living for residents and their children"
Sounds good on the surface, but what does she mean by "commitments"? This is vague enough to cover everything from voluntary positive actions by the apartment owners to overly-meddlesome government impositions that will increase costs and hassle for landlords.

About 30% of the text on the back of the flyer lists "Kim's Experience". I can save a lot of space here by summarizing it as "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…blah blah blah". It looks like resume bullet points of a career politician (and if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...). It's interesting to note that Kim's "day job" is Assistant City Manager for the City of Saint Anthony. It seems like Kim just can't get enough of government, but she is willing to share with the rest of us!

At the bottom of the flyer we find the legally required "who's to blame" statement "Paid for by the Moore-Sykes Campaign Committee...". If Kim decides to publish a flyer aimed at children she could change the statement to read "This flyer was sponsored by the letters 'B' and 'S', and the number zero" just to give the kids that warm, fuzzy Sesame Street feeling. Hey, if it's for the children then it's got to be a good idea as it would promote a Community of Promise!

But seriously folks...
I've had a bit of fun in this post at the expense of the Kim Moore-Sykes campaign, but the upcoming election is serious business. It will have a strong impact on the city, either good or bad, depending on the outcome. Kim Moore-Sykes has demonstrated that, regardless of how well intentioned, her ideas promoted the current business climate malaise, wasteful spending, and the abusive application of eminent domain by the city. She obviously does not possess the vision or ability to move New Brighton forward.

Let's make this election result in some positive changes for the good by re-electing Sharon Doffing and electing Gina Bauman to fill the two available council positions. Their fresh ideas and respect for the property rights of citizens will be a good start toward actually making New Brighton the preferred place to live, work and do business.

Spread the word and let's make it happen!


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