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Monday, November 07, 2005

Doffing, Bauman – Voices for the People

[Be sure to check out the posts that follow for more info on the New Brighton City Council race.]

If you have been following this blog, then you know that Eminent Domain is hot issue. Tomorrow’s New Brighton City Council election is important for those of us who value one's right to own property. Remember, if the city can take your land whenever it pleases, then you don't own your property – the city does.

But, this election is about more than Eminent Domain. It is about the role that government should play in the lives of New Brighton citizens.

New Brighton is facing a proposed 13% budget hike – which means a potential 13% tax hike. This is on top of a 7% hike last year.

The city is granting itself a two-year 21% raise. Has your income increased by 21% over the past two years?

Incumbent council member Kim Moore-Sykes is on record saying that all city services are equally important. This equates the budget for the annual parade with that of our police force.

There have been efforts to cut police budgets while increasing Park & Recreation related budgets. Upgrading the indoor play land at the city's family center was considered more important than maintaining our current police force.

City Hall even considered eliminating New Brighton's police force in favor of a rent-a-cop scheme. Instead of New Brighton officers who know our community, City Hall wanted to rent patrols from the county sheriff.

New Brighton needs council members who are willing to do the following:
  • Keep the city's budget within its own means.
  • Protect the resident's family budget from spend crazy city officials.
  • Prioritize city spending with highest priority given to public safety (such as police and fire departments).
  • Protect the resident's right to own and keep their property.

Sharon Doffing and Gina Bauman are the only two city council candidates that are willing to be true stewards for the citizen. If you are a resident of New Brighton, MN, protect your property, protect your family budget, and protect your family's safety by voting for Doffing and Bauman tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8.


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