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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Doffing, Bauman – WINNERS!

New Brighton citizens earned a big win tonight. Sharon Doffing and Gina Bauman were both elected to the City Council.

Here are the nearly-official results (top two candidates elected):

Sharon Doffing (incumbent) ___ 1761 votes, 40.1%
Gina Bauman _______________1671 votes, 38.1%
Kim Moore-Sykes (incumbent) ______955 votes, 21.8%


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us not edit more than we speak!

Why do I need a user name to participate on your blog?

Editorial Privilege?


Doffing & Bauman leave something to be desired... Consult the Tin Man.

10/09/2007 1:55 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Anonymous -

The only reason I let your vacuous comment through was to illustrate to others how not to participate on this blog. Generally worthless commentary like yours ends up in the bit bucket.

You are not required to have a user name to participate on this blog, however, if you are capable of making an intelligent comment (or one accidentally materializes) having a somewhat unique handle removes any abiguity about who/what subsequent comments by others address. Given the cleverness and content of your comment, perhaps "The Tin Man" would be a fitting handle for you to use.

We used to have open and unmoderated commentary on the honor system until another moron (who coincidentally chose the same clever handle as you did) abused the privilege and messed things up for everyone. We encourage and post opposing viewpoints as long as they show reasonable intelligence and civility.

You do not have a right to participate on this blog and we, as the proprietors of this blog, have complete control over what you term "Editorial Privilege". If you don't like it take the time and effort to start and run your own blog. It may take a lot more work and, God forbid, intelligent thought than you think.

10/09/2007 8:13 AM  

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