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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liberal Media Downplays Good Economy

Remember during the Clinton Administration how the mainstream media gave the President credit for the robust economy? They trumpeted the Clinton Administration's bogus claims that their economic policies had beaten the historically cyclical behavior of the business climate (the truth eventually came crashing down upon them with the "dot com" train wreck). Now that a Republican occupies the White House, the media is doing all it can to portray the economy as being terrible when it is actually doing quite well.

The Bush Administration has brought the country out of the economic downturn that was left by the out-going Clinton Administration. In spite of an unprecedented terrorist attack, several natural disasters, the general mess left by the Clinton Administration on several fronts, and an overtly biased liberal media that accentuates anything negative it can associate with the Bush Administration, the American economy is very strong. Unemployment and inflation are at near all-time lows and job creation rates and productivity are near all time highs.

Jack Welch, former chairman of GE and an influential member of the business community, advises President Bush to step up and start taking some credit for the strong economy. As reported by NewsMax.com, Mr. Welch told Fox news:

Go to France and see the riots in the streets. They have massive unemployment and rising percentages of non-citizens who can’t find work. Our unemployment rate is less than 5 percent after the 9/11 attacks. Bush ought to be standing on a soapbox talking about that accomplishment.

While President Bush's style generally doesn't emphasize self-promotion, he probably should start taking some of the credit he deserves as it's obvious the mainstream media will not give it to him.

He doesn't need to take it to the level of shameless self-promotion and over-reaching credit for all that is good that his predecessor did, but it's about time someone counters the doom and gloom reporting of the liberals in the mainstream media.


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