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Friday, December 16, 2005

Bush Administration Scores on Both Foriegn and Domestic Fronts

President Bush's vision of a politically stable and democratic Iraq a took a huge step toward realization this week. The highly successful Iraqi election had a turnout of over 70%, widespread participation across the entire ethnic and religious spectrum, and relatively little terrorist disruption. The Iraqis have shown that the vast majority of the country wants to live in peace and prosperity rather than under the absolute control of sadistic dictator or in a terrorist-controlled battleground. A free and prosperous Iraq will be a major blow to Islamic terrorism that had been emanating out of Iraq for years.

It is nothing short of incredible that in less than three years Iraq has been transformed from an oppressive, totalitarian state that was a world leader in the support and promotion of terrorism to the only democratic country in the Middle East that has the potential to become the envy of the entire region. There are still problems in Iraq that will probably continue for quite a while, but the so-called insurgency (which is actually composed primarily of non-Iraqi terrorists aided by Syria and Iran) was dealt a severe blow when the Iraqis refused to be intimidated and went to the polls in large numbers to vote primarily under the protection of the Iraqi army and police. Clearly President Bush's military and diplomatic policies have put Iraq on the right track and at the same time had made the world safer from terrorism.

In addition to the momentous occurrences in Iraq, there was good news regarding the US economy. The third quarter economic growth rate of 4.3% was much better than the earlier reported 3.8%. Unemployment and interest rates are still near historic lows, the economy produced over 200,000 new jobs and inflation was lower than expected at 3.6%. All of this good economic news happened in spite of the economic disruption caused by two major hurricanes that drove a sharp spike in oil prices, showing that the underlying economy is very strong.

In spite of all the negative reporting by the liberal mainstram media and the resulting low approval numbers for the President, the country is doing quite well. Maybe some responsible reporting would cause the polling figures to reflect reality and at the same time return some credibility to the mainstream media.


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