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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liberals Do Best…Part 3: Levin's Deceptions

Liberals do best that which they claim others do.
G-Man’s Rule #1 of American Politics. Learn it. Know it. Remember it.
On Fox News Sunday (November 27, 2005), Democrat Senator Carl Levin faced his own deceptions while falsely accusing President Bush of misleading the public. Below is an edited transcript of Chris Wallace's interview (courtesy of FOXNews.com).

WALLACE: … You've charged repeatedly that the president said before the war that you couldn't distinguish between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Aren't you distorting what the president actually said?

LEVIN: No, that's exactly what his words were.

Chris Wallace then played a video clip of the President from September 2002:

PRESIDENT BUSH: Both of them need to be dealt with. The War on Terror is — you can't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the War on Terror. I can't distinguish between the two because they're both equally as bad.

As Chris Wallace later pointed out "that specific quote there where you say he couldn't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein — he wasn't saying that they were linked at all. He was saying one was as bad as the other."

Levin claimed that the President misled the people, but it is Senator Carl Levin who made misleading statements:

LEVIN: Yes, but what he also said in the same sentence was that Saddam Hussein would like nothing more than to use a terrorist network to attack and to kill, and that is not what the intelligence was …


LEVIN: … But then he [President Bush] went on further to say that Saddam Hussein would like to use a terrorist group against the United States, but that's not what the intelligence was saying. … the CIA was saying that there was no operational effective link at all …

WALLACE: Senator, Senator, again, I think you're distorting the information. The director of the CIA, George Tenet, testified before Congress that, in fact, there were links and that there had been training.

Levin clearly must have known that his statements were misleading. On March 19, 2002, he chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee when CIA Director George Tenet testified to the links between Iraq and al Qaeda. Perhaps Senator Levin thought the general public would remain in the dark about this hearing, but the transcript was recently made available:

LEVIN: And relative to Iraq, a couple other questions: Do we -- do you have any evidence that Saddam Hussein or his agents played a role in the September 11th terrorist attacks or that he has links to al Qaeda?

TENET: Well, as I note in my statement, there is no doubt that there have been contacts and linkages to the al Qaeda organization. As to where we are in September 11th, the jury's out. And as I said carefully in my statement, it would be a mistake to dismiss the possibility of state sponsorship, whether Iranian or Iraqi, and we'll see where the evidence takes us. But I want you to think about al Qaeda as a front company that mixes and matches its capabilities. The distinctions between Sunni and Shi'a that have traditionally divided terrorist groups are not distinctions you should make anymore, because there is a common interest against the United States and its allies in this region, and they will seek capability wherever they can get it.

Further, during a June 16, 2003 interview on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Senator Levin said "we were told by the intelligence community that there was a very strong link between al Qaeda and Iraq." So why did he contradict himself during his most recent interview with Chris Wallace?

To study the President's comments and speeches regarding Iraq is to discover a clarity and consistency not found among most elected Democrats. The President's position on Iraq's connection to terrorism has not changed and it never included a connection to 9/11. When you look at the facts and the history of past interviews, it is clear that Democrats like Senator Carl Levin are far better at misleading the public than they claim others to be.


Blogger Right Hook said...

Levin is typical of the long term liberal Democrat Party hacks who cannot handle being out of power. In their desperate desire to regain the political power that they feel is rightfully theirs (because they are so much smarter and are better people than the electorate) they have developed an irrational hatred for Republicans in general and for President Bush in particular.

This blind obsession to regain power, unforturnately for the country, takes precedence over allowing the Republicans any political credit even if the lies and misreprentations negatively impact national security or the success current military engagements. Levin and his ilk seem to rationalize away any potential harm they may cause to the country by their delusional belief that things will be much better once they are back in power.

There is nothing wrong with disagreement with President Bush as long as the disagreement is honest and offers better alternatives to current policies. Levin and the liberals generally can do nothing but criticize and misrepresent the President's positions without offering viable alternatives. "Bush sucks" doesn't qualify, but is about all they can offer.

The best thing we can do for the security of this country is to keep driving more of the short-sighted political hacks like Levin out of office at every election.

12/02/2005 8:57 AM  

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