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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Reason to Choose Private Schools

A federal judge, District Court Judge John E. Jones, just overruled the Dover Area School Board in Pennsylvania and declared that Intelligent Design cannot be included in the curriculum of government-run schools.

Whatever happened to local control of schools?

Intelligent Design is, essentially, the antithesis of the Theory of Evolution. Scientific leaders such as Albert Einstein have endorsed Intelligent Design – but this lone judge has ruled that it cannot be taught in government-run schools.

A growing number of scientists are now questioning the limits of mutation – the foundation of Evolution. But, a lone representative of the courts has decided that government-run schools cannot educate our students about this controversy.

As readers of this blog have observed, those unfamiliar and ignorant to the science behind Intelligent Design adamantly support keeping our students equally ignorant. Those familiar with Intelligent Design – but not necessarily endorsing it -- are open-minded and support a biology curriculum that includes both the Theory of Evolution and the scientific opposition such as that which is represented by Intelligent Design.

Dover Area School Board, to their credit, thought graduates of their government-run schools should be able to speak intelligently about the Theory of Evolution and of the questions raised by Intelligent Design. Students would be free to make up their own minds as to which theory might be closer to the truth.

Unfortunately, there are many who would impose the bliss of ignorance upon our students. From a scientific view, this is puzzling. Even if one does believe that Evolution is fact, is there not an advantage to be had from learning about the questions that oppose the theory? Does this not better prepare the student to research; maybe prove the process behind Evolution? Or, is there a fear that it will inspire research that ultimately proves that Darwin was wrong?

Still, in a government-run school, both sides of an issue need not apply.

Perhaps the real lesson to be learned is that government-run schools inherently impose a government endorsed view within the curriculum – and only the government endorsed view.

Currently, per Judge Jones, the government endorsed view is that Intelligent Design is not "an alternative to evolution". Given that government-run schools are the product and chief beneficiary of Big Government, how long will it be before "small government" principles endorsed by our Founding Fathers are no longer fit for student consumption?


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