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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Conservative Legislators: Go "Rambo", not "Rogers"

In anticipation of the upcoming start of the 2006 legislative session in Minnesota many legislators are looking at avoiding another “do nothing” session. The conventional wisdom, at least as reported by the mainstream media (i.e. liberals) , is that voters are sick and tired of legislative gridlock and any politician who wants to retain their office in this election year had better not be perceived as an obstacle to compromise and progress.

As reported in a story in today's Star Tribune, dozens of legislators from both parties attended workshops at the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute to learn how to get along with one another and to work together to reach compromise on divisive issues. For the sake of their own self respect, I certainly hope that no conservatives participated in this nonsense of holding hands with liberals in a circle and singing “Kum-Bayh-Yah”. The Star and Sickle story fails to mention how much this touch-feely load of horse excrement cost the taxpayers. It also did not mention that this same approach was tried last year with less than stellar results.

Liberals and their media cheerleaders are incorrect in their assertion that last year's legislature was a do-nothing body. Actually they should be happy at what was accomplished. Taxes and/or fees were raised (some quite creatively). Already out of control spending was increased. The all-encompassing nanny state increased its intrusiveness into the day to day lives of the people (e.g. the life jacket for children legislation and the near criminalization of purchasing cough and cold medication). The education lobby continued their shakedown of the taxpayers. The DFL succeeded in shutting down the government without really doing it and, with a little help from their media friends, placed the lion's share of the blame on the Governor. About the only downside from last year for the libs was that the Personal Protection Act (aka “Concealed Carry) was re-instated after it had been legislated away from the bench by a liberal judge.

The debacle of the 2005 Legislative Session shows that gridlock is not always bad. Those of us who believe in liberty and limited government would have been marginally better off if the legislature had not convened last year. The problem with “compromise” and “getting along” at the legislature is that to satisfy the liberals and their media lackeys invariably requires conservatives to cave on their core principles.

Unfortunately, the conservatives track record is not good when attempting to play the “get along” game. For example, taxes need to be cut—raising them less than the liberals want to raise them is a cave-in, not a compromise. How come conservatives never get the liberals to agree to cut taxes a bit less than conservatives want to cut them?

In this election year Republicans and conservatives have more to fear from conservatives sitting out the election than from liberal voters voting against them. Now is not the time to go “Mr. Rogers” when dealing with liberals in the legislature! Rather it is time to go “Rambo”. Conservative legislators need to stick together for conservative principles and force liberals to break ranks and compromise. If the liberals don't want to compromise in the conservative direction let there be gridlock and a real government shutdown as we're better off with doing nothing than letting liberals get some of their way.

Conservative politicians need to understand that, if they are truly conservative, they will never get “credit” from the mainstream media for their compromises anyway. Although the liberals own the lame stream media, there is ample outlet in the new media of talk radio, the blogosphere, and the Internet to get the conservative side of the story out. Through a combination of sticking to conservative principles and aggressively getting the word out through the new media this session and the upcoming elections could be a great move forward for Minnesota conservatives. Conversely, playing nice with the libs to get media kudos in an election year could end up backfiring with severe consequenses that may take many years to correct.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. The "Mr. Rogers" language was great!!!

2/13/2006 11:13 AM  

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