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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Move Over Cindy

The national media has anointed Cindy Sheehan to be the spokeswomen for parents of fallen heroes who lost their lives in Iraq. Sheehan has been loud, has been everywhere, and is well backed by anti-Bush organizations.

She is also a tiny minority view. Not even her family agrees with her. Nor did her son Casey who was killed in Iraq.

Most of those serving in Iraq support their mission – as do their families. Reenlistment consistently beats expectations. Those who serve in Iraq are signing up to serve again.

But, all that matters to the media is the Cindy Sheehan agrees with them – hence the airtime.

Fortunately, we are able to hear from the families of fallen heroes who support the mission. Some of these families are featured in TV ads that are currently running in Minnesota. They speak of pride for the role that their fallen heroes served. The ads succinctly define the mission in terms that the media will not:
  • It is Al Qeada whom we fight in Iraq.
  • If we were not fighting Al Qeada in Iraq, we would be fighting them here.
  • One of the biggest mass murders in the world is in prison.
  • Thousands of Al Qeada terrorists have been captured or killed.
  • Iraqi hospitals and schools have opened
  • Eleven million people have voted.
  • “Almost to the man they want to finish the mission”
The truth is simple: The war against terrorism is being f aught in Iraq. We are winning. And our troops support their mission.

These families of fallen heroes are reporting what the media does not. Their pride for their fallen sons and daughters is profound – and well deserved.

Check out their website at www.MidwestHeroes.com.


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