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Thursday, February 16, 2006

No Fury Like a Media Scorned

The Main Stream Media is proving why Cheney was right to give the scoop to the local paper.

Remember the fury that surrounded Hurricane Katrina?

In the frenzy to get the story out first, the MSM reported that murder and mayhem was rampant at the Superdome in New Orleans. They reported that federal agencies were slow to respond. In the aftermath we learned that they were wrong. There was no mass murder in the Superdome and both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army were ready and waiting to give aid – but the Governor of Louisiana held them back.

Remember the story about the 12 surviving miners?

In their effort to get the story out first, the media reported that 12 miners were found alive in a collapsed West Virginia mine. Several hours later, we learned that only one was found alive.

Initial media reports on both these stories were wild and wrong.

Vice-President Cheney first attended to the medical attention of his pal Harry Whittington and then contacted the local sheriff. At 8:00 AM the next morning, his host, Katherine Armstrong gave the story to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. To their credit, the Caller-Times has focused on the story of the accident.

Meanwhile, the MSM is focused on why they were scorned. Their fury is so fierce that many have joined the Black Helicopter Brigade. They speculate on why Cheney waited a day to contact the local police – he didn't. They speculate on whether Cheney was drunk – he wasn't.

While the Beltway Press Corps has reduced itself to generating rumors and writing conspiracy theories, the Caller-Times is reporting on the facts of the accident. There is no need for the speculation, the information is available at www.Caller.com.

By its current behavior, the MSM is proving why they should NOT have been contacted on the day of the accident. Even now, days later, when reporters at the Corpus Christi paper are getting the facts out, the MSM is uninterested. Clearly, in their feeding frenzy to “get Cheney”, had they been contacted Saturday evening, there is no confidence that they would have reported the story with any degree of accuracy.

Meanwhile, ABC News breaks the story that Saddam, by his own words, had WMDs, was prepared to build more biological WMDs, and knew of empending terrorist attacks. In short, ABC News broke the story that President Bush's reasons for going to war were well founded. But, the MSM doesn't care. They were scorned by Vice-President Cheney and Hell hath no fury like a media scorned.


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