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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wisdom from J.C.

J.C. Watts was a black congressman from Oklahoma when he worked hard for welfare reform in the 90s. In his book, What Color Is A Conservative?, he offers a thousand gems of wisdom, including this one:

‘This was a system that was enslaving our people for a second time, but many black leaders saw my vote to abolish it as another betrayal in the long battle for civil rights. I saw it as a matter of right and wrong. It was wrong to encourage non-productivity, wrong to encourage sleeping until noon every day and getting paid for it. It was wrong to tell our young girls they would pay no price – moral or economic – for giving birth out of wedlock. It was wrong to penalize poor moms for saving money and poor people for owning homes. But that’s exactly what the welfare system, implemented as part of the Great Society programs of the 1960s, was doing.’

What Color Is A Conservative? is an entertaining and inspiring book. From his stories of growing up in a small town with segregation, his winning two Orange Bowls as quarterback under Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma U teams, his experience with Democrat dirty tricks in elections … this book will hold your attention.

By the way, his childhood was not an unhappy one as you’ll see. His father was a hardworking businessman and preacher. It was the values his parents instilled, as much as anything, that made J.C. Watts a success.

Watts is still involved with the Republican party and is head of GOPAC.


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