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Friday, April 28, 2006

Has It Come To This?

John Hinderaker over at Powerlineblog blasts the Senate GOP for it's idiotic ideas on Energy policy encapsulated in their "Gas Price Relief and Rebate Act of 2006".

I couldn't agree more:
Bottom line: The Republican Senators' proposal does nothing, other than ANWR drilling, that acknowledges the rules of supply and demand that govern prices. The "Gas Price Relief and Rebate Act" is mostly crude pandering of the kind we used to expect from Democrats, not Republicans.
One of the perks of being a Republican is that you can (ordinarily) hold your head high in the certainty that your ideas are generally grounded in truth and reason. We don't spend a lot of time trying to repeal the laws of supply and demand like so many liberals do, for example.

Now, in addition to turning their backs on GOP principles, our GOP Senators have taken to embarrassing us. A Gas Holiday Rebate of $100? Don't make me laugh.


Blogger JasonSpalding said...

Have you ever looked at a map of gas prices in the United Stated based on county? Have you compared it to the results shown on a map showing the winning presidential candidate by county?

4/28/2006 12:34 PM  
Blogger The Dean said...

I haven't, but I assume the prices are lower in Red counties, which tend to be more rural. The Blue, urban counties tend to have higher prices for everything, including gas.

4/28/2006 1:57 PM  
Blogger G-man said...

Take a closer look at that map. Mass metropolitan regions like L.A. And New York City are deep blue. What does it matter if they have high gas prices? They have mass transit thanks to the generosity of the taxpayer. Good liberals in these cities should be riding their buses and choo-choos. Is this not what liberals dream of – buses, choo-choos, and $5.00/gallon gas?

4/28/2006 10:27 PM  

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