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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Ray of Hope

The following is a speech given recently by a 16-year-old for a class assignment. In my opinion he does better than many political journalists and pundits on handling the big issues:

My fellow Americans, good morning. It is my duty as President of the United States to inform you of some sad news from around the world. That is one of the downsides of my job, although it is my responsibility, and it is never easy. I grew up in Texas, and my father was also once President of the United States. Talk about having large shoes to fill. I joined the armed forces and served for several years, but never was in war. I felt as if the nation needed my help. I then shifted my focus into politics, following in my father’s footsteps. In 2000, I was elected president by one of the slimmest margins in history. One year later, our nation faced one of its greatest tragedies, talking of course of September 11. It’s a time like that when people need a leader, someone with courage, to look up to. As president I knew my duty was to lead the people, and that is no easy task. Not many people could have made the decisions I made, to pursue the terrorists in Afghanistan. I knew there would be consequences, and that many disagreed, but I had the courage to step up and do what I felt was right for the country I was elected to lead.

Now, if that wasn’t enough bravery for you, I was made aware of the fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in their possession, at the fingertip of a dictator. I had two options…one was diplomacy, which could take time that was uncertain, or the other choice was force. I was not willing to risk American lives on our own soil, and decided that force was the better option. I approached the U.N. to see if they would aid with force. They would only aid with diplomacy, so I made the incredibly difficult decision of going against the international peace-keepers and launching our own attack on Iraq. Within months, the main fighting was over and we were on the hunt for Sadaam Hussein. In the meantime, I became the recipient of more slander than perhaps any other President in U.S. history other than Nixon or Hoover, but I didn’t let that get in my way of what I felt was right for America.

One of the toughest things for me is having to tell the families of fallen soldiers the news of their deaths. Could you do it? That is the sad news I have to explain, another 15 Marines were killed today in a roadside bomb in Baghdad. I get the chills every time it happens. It’s hard knowing that my decisions have led to these deaths, and so do they.

I also try to be very courageous in my religious beliefs. Many presidents before me have been known to be openly religious, but Laura and I practice our religion very strictly as well. We just do not do it for publicity like many before us. Having faith and believing in something others do not takes a lot of courage.

Thank you for your time.

And God Bless America.


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