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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Time to Get Serious with Illegal Aliens - Part 1

Very few politicians seem to acknowledge the fact that the security and culture of this country is at serious risk from the current invasion of illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico. Yes, I used the word "invasion" because it far more accurately describes the situation than the politically correct euphemisms commonly used by gutless politicians and their lackeys in the lame-stream media.

Referring to illegal aliens as "undocumented workers" or "immigrants" so as not to offend potential voters in the "Mexican-American Community" or the "Latino-American Community" is just feel-good politician speak that downplays the seriousness of the problem. We have a serious problem (actually several serious problems) and it is high time we demand that our elected officials do something about it.

Apologists for the current torrent of illegal border jumpers attempt to draw parallels with the previous groups of legal immigrants that were crucial to the building and evolution of this country. This crass attempt to legitimize the current wave of border crashers is as intellectually bankrupt as the liberal position that any definition of marriage, no matter how bizarre, is as valid as traditional marriage. In both cases the scheme is to assert a "just as good" status when it obviously is not so, often for the sake of acquiring votes through political pandering.

Unlike most of the current illegals, the vast majority of legal immigrants in the past viewed the United States as not only a land of opportunity to find work or worship freely, but as society they longed to become a part of. The process of escaping from the tyranny or poverty of their home countries often involved the forfeiture of lifetime savings and property just to arrange to get to the United States. The newly arrived immigrants renounced their previous citizenship and proudly proclaimed themselves as Americans even before receiving official citizenship.

Individuals, families, and the various ethnic groups often engaged in a virtual competition to prove who could assimilate into the American culture and society the fastest. Many people changed their names to be more "American sounding", made the time and effort to learn English without government programs, and insisted English be spoken in their homes even though it was difficult at times. Even though many of these immigrants were uneducated or poorly educated they made great personal and monetary sacrifices to assure that their children received a good education, spoke English, and entered adulthood thoroughly immersed within the mainstream of American society and culture. As a grandson of legal immigrants, I came to realize and appreciate this first hand.

Within one generation, and often sooner, most immigrants were completely assimilated into American society. Even though the immigrants became thoroughly Americanized they could still take pride in their ethnicity and customs many of which, like the immigrants themselves, became part of the American culture to the benefit of all Americans.

Contrast the proud history and contributions to this country of the previous immigrants with current influx of border jumpers. At the instant incoming aliens illegally cross the border they have, by definition, become criminals by their wanton disregard of our immigration laws. A significant number are already criminals who view the United States primarily as a sanctuary from the Mexican authorities. In a recent interview with talk show host Michael Savage, United States Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) discussed some very troubling statistics regarding these so-called "immigrants":
10 - 15% of people intercepted illegally crossing the border have a felony-level criminal record in Mexico. It's difficult for researchers to get a more precise figure as Mexico has very little in the way of standards as to what constitutes a "serious" crime. This figure only reflects the people who have been caught violating the border. Assuming that the majority of illegal border crossers are successful, this is a very troubling statistic.

20% - 30% of those incarcerated in federal prisons are illegal aliens (the number is a rather large range due to the uncertainty of the legal status of many of the prisoners).

50% of the California state prison population are illegal aliens.

The illegals have a much higher rate of welfare use than legally naturalized citizens.

For every illegal that ends up with some sort of employment there are, on average, three family members who do not work.
Setting aside the obvious problems a large influx of criminals can and do cause, the so-called "good and decent" people illegally entering this country also cause a multitude of problems. Unlike the previous immigrants who viewed the United States as an ideal, a vast majority of the illegals are here strictly for a place to find work and have little to no interest in assimilating into American society. Many make no effort to learn English beyond a level just enough to "get by" to find work and access the benefits of our society (in fact, most so-called immigrants rights groups expect mainstream America to learn and use Spanish to accommodate these people). They take advantage of liberal or stupid (yeah, it's redundant) federal, state, and local government policies of "look the other way" employment check, bilingual education, bilingual assistance in getting on the public dole, "must treat" policies of hospitals and clinics, etc. to access the benefits of America's society without any allegiance or contribution.

The mass demonstrations of the last couple of weeks that featured seas of Mexican flags, militant sloganeering in Spanish, and a general "In your face, America" attitude should be enough to make people wake up to the seriousness of this problem. If that wasn't enough there are more scheduled for the near future. These demonstrations are a slap in the face to America and, perhaps even more so, to the previous generations of legal immigrants who made great sacrifices and contributions to this country as they assimilated. The legal immigrants often entered society as poor and uneducated but through hard work and determination elevated their social and economic levels. The current mobs of illegals are merely creating a permanent societal underclass with little hope or motivation to move up the social structure.

Legal immigrants of today, like their predecessors, continue to be an asset to America, but the much more prevalent illegal "immigration" (which, in and of itself is an oxymoron) presents a serious challenge to our security, sovereignty, and culture. At the most fundamental level, the structure of a country and society is defined by "borders, language, and culture" (a phrase, I believe, that was coined by talk show host Michael Savage when he founded the Paul Revere Society). Out of control illegal immigration threatens all of these. Citizens and their elected officials need to take action now or the United States of America as we know it will devolve into a multi-cultural chaos.

The obvious question is what can/should be done about the problem. This will be addressed in an upcoming post in the near future.


Blogger I'm Irritated said...

Thanks for the great thoughts on illegals. Here in Oregon the glut of Mexicans in our schools and health systems in some counties are making them un-usable for the people who are paying for them! Go figure.

4/09/2006 5:45 PM  
Anonymous Daisy said...

In today's, April 12th, Pioneer Press Jeremy Olson includes a fact (paraphrased) [That nearly half, 44%, of the 173,000 noncitizens in MN recieved public assistance benefits... and that what is needed is a state employee that specializes in noncitizen eligibility.] Do you think INS could have the office next door to this new state employee?

4/12/2006 11:29 PM  

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