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Friday, May 12, 2006

Crying "Wolf" About The NSA -- And Helping The Enemy

There they go again. Democrats and the MSM are crying “Wolf” with feigned outrage over eavesdropping of domestic phone calls. Let us be less diplomatic. They are lying – again. Here are the facts:

The NSA is engaged in intelligence gathering to fight the War On Terrorism. Since 9/11/2001, their efforts have helped prevent another terrorist attack in the United States.

A warrant is not required for the NSA to eavesdrop on INTERNATIONAL phone calls made to and from known or suspected terrorists. It is the foreign phone number that they monitor. Domestic phones are involved ONLY IF they connect to the foreign number.

In a separate program, the NSA is researching phone records voluntarily offered by various phone companies. These records only show what phone numbers are connected to each other and when. They cannot and do not contain the content of the call. 60 Minutes first reported on this program in 2000 -- DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. This is not a new story. Unfortunately, and apparently, the Clinton administration was not looking for known or suspected terrorist activities.

There is NO eavesdropping of phone calls among domestic numbers without first obtaining a warrant.

Intelligence committee members in the Senate and the House have been kept apprised of NSA activities. Despite their pretense of surprise, they knew long before the media.

Thanks to liberal operatives in the media and in Congress, the terrorists have been warned about the NSA's intelligence gathering procedures.

If you or your friends are outraged about invasion of personal privacy, then channel that outrage where it can do some good. Join the march for a Fair Tax. The IRS knows more about your personal life than the NSA. Why should government know how you make your money, where you keep it, how you spend it, and who you support just to collect a tax? This invasion of privacy can be eliminated if the Income Tax is replaced with the Fair Tax.


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