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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bigger Than Saddam, Bin Laden

God bless our troops! God bless President Bush!

Their perseverance and their devotion to get the job done is making the world a safer place to live.

The termination of Zarqawi is bigger than the capture of Saddam for Saddam had lost his influence when he was hiding in that hole. The termination of Zarqawi is bigger than getting bin Laden for it was bin Laden's torch that Zarqawi carried. Indeed, Zarqawi took brutality and terror to new depths.

Zarqawi was the instigator, the mastermind, and the general behind the terrorist “insurgency” in Iraq. He recruited foreign terrorists from Iran and Syria to carry out his evil. Zarqawi even ventured beyond his borders as exemplified with the bombing of a wedding in Jordan.

Clearly, Zarqawi's goal was to make Iraq the new home for Al Qaeda. Had he been successful, there is no question that neighbors Iran and Syria would have been willing to provide the necessary support. Those missing materials of WMD's that are suspected to have found their way into Syria would likely have been made available for Zarqawi's future objectives.

President Bush deserves credit for continuing to do that which is right despite the critics and despite the polls. Had the Anti-War movement and the Cut-N-Runners succeeded, Zarqawi would be alive today. While this phase of our mission has been accomplished, there is more work to be done. Zarqawi's corporals will no doubt try to carry his torch. But, their road has been made more dangerous. President Bush deserves our thanks and our encouragement to stay the course and finish this job.


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