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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liberal policies are destroying Minneapolis

Two stories have made the local news over the past couple of days that clearly illustrate what happens when liberals are in charge and why the situation needs to be avoided at any level of government.

First, there is the news that violent crime in Minneapolis increased by over 15% in 2005 (about six times higher than then national average increase). Liberal Mayor R.T. (Raise Taxes) Ryback blames the dismal showing on an inadequate number of law enforcement officers caused by Republican budget cuts at the state level as well as too many guns on the street. He does not offer an explanation of how the crime rate in Saint Paul rose by only 1.5% .

The other news tidbit is that the ultra-liberal Minneapolis City Council has decided to subsidize operating losses for non-basketball events at the Target Center for up to $1.2 million dollars. This is on top of the $6.5 million the city spends on the arena as the owner of the building! I'm sure Glen Taylor will appreciate the gesture and thank them profusely. As for Minneapolis taxpayers, well, BOHICA.

Apparently the city has over $7 million a year to spend on an aging arena (it isn't that much younger than the Metrodome was when people started talking about the need to replace it) but claims there is no money to hire more cops and prosecutors. The city seems to have no shortage of law enforcement to write tickets for minor traffic and parking violations and to help drive struggling tavern owners out of business with smoking ban enforcement, but just can't come up with the coin to deal with violent crime. Uh, Minneapolis, we have a problem!

The liberal public servants seem to have no problem finding money to commission public transit studies, diversity programs, a spiffy new library, a roof-top garden at city hall, and other critical civic needs. They can even find money for gun buy-back programs that give thugs a convenient means to supplement their meager welfare checks by selling stolen guns to the city. Maybe these clowns can find funding for a study of how much business the Target Center loses because people are afraid to go to an event.

The moral of the story is that liberal brethren of the morons running Minneapolis into the ground want to run things at the state and national level, including our national defense. Hopefully the voters will have the common sense to keep this from happening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Struggling taven owners?"

LOL, Bootsie.

6/14/2006 6:49 AM  

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