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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tommy's World of Twisted Logic

Former Senator Tommy Daschle recently sent a fund raising letter in which he demonstrates the twisted logic of today's Democrat:

Who can forget the 2002 Georgia Senate elections, where the Republican Party shamelessly ran ads attacking the patriotism of Sen. Max Cleland - a man who gave two legs and an arm for his country in Vietnam?
The ads in question never challenged then-Senator Cleland's patriotism. They challenged his voting record on Homeland Security. I guess in Tommy's World, criticizing one's voting record on Homeland Security equates to an attack on patriotism. Daschle's letter continues:

Or the 2004 Presidential election, where similar nonsense was employed against three-time Purple Heart recipient John Kerry?
Senator John Kerry made his service in Vietnam the central reason for electing him President of the United States. But, Kerry's claim to fame was leading protests against the Vietnam War and alleging, in front of Congress, that U.S. soldiers were committing war crimes. Sadly for Kerry and for the vast majority of Vietnam Vets who served honorably, Kerry never renounced these charges. Instead, he bragged up his own service.

About 200 Swift Boat Vets who served with or in Kerry's unit (but not necessarily in his 6-man boat) challenged Kerry's service claims and spoke out against his attacks on fellow soldiers. Apparently, in Tommy's World, challenging Kerry's tall tales is nonsense and similar to challenging his patriotism.

Did you know that John Kerry served in Vietnam?

Later in the letter, Daschle introduces a new charge:

In every election since 9/11, Republicans have reveled in the shallow patriotism of tough guy posturing and empty rhetoric, while painting anyone who questions the Republican's doctrine as a coward.
Democrats have attacked just about everything that President Bush has done and said regarding the War on Terror. Many of their attacks have been echoed on Al Jazeera. Rightfully, Republicans have criticized their logic, their reasoning, and their attempts to rewrite history.

But, the whine about being called cowards is a new one. Seems to me it has been the Democrats and their supporters who have attempted to neutralize debate over the war by calling certain Republicans “chicken hawks” -- proving once again that liberals do best that which they claim others do.

Tommy's World is a strange place indeed. Critical debate is now akin to charges of cowardice. But even more strange is that the definition of empty rhetoric now includes overthrowing the Taliban; overthrowing Saddam; freeing 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq; capturing Saddam; killing Saddam's barbaric sons; terminating bin Laden's heir apparent, Zarqawi; and preventing a second terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Tommy's letter concludes with:

I will not allow the Bush administration and Senate Republicans to question the patriotism of Democrats.
How brave that Tommy fellow. Let me sum up his letter: Democrats fear being called unpatriotic, they fear being called cowards, and they fear being criticized for what they say and how they vote. In short, Democrats are victims who fear the dissent of Republicans.

FOOTNOTE: Tommy proves that Ann Coulter was right. Democrats prop up victims as human shields of dissent. Challenge the voting record of Max Clelland's and you will be chastised for challenging the patriotism of one who lost two legs and an arm in Vietnam. Question the heroic claims of John Kerry -- or his claims of war time atrocities by American soldiers -- and you will be accused of attacking the patriotism of one who has three Purple Band-Aids Hearts. Did you know that John Kerry served in Vietnam?


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