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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back To Basics

There is movement within the ranks to call a December State Central meeting. Many seek Ron Carey's resignation. Others simply want to get the state party back on track with promoting the conservative message – before the next session.

Nationally, Democrats have declared that raising minimum wage is their top priority. This gives Republicans an excellent opportunity to offer a dose of conservatism by speaking loudly against this move:
When government forces private businesses to raise wages, it hurts job growth, risks current jobs, and raises the costs of goods and services – thus negating the value of the wage hike. In short, it hurts those it purports to help.

Further, the dirty little secret, it benefits the high paying union jobs whose pay scales are calculated based on minimum wage. Democrats are not promoting minimum wage to help the little guy. They are promoting it to pay back the unions who fund their campaigns.
In 85 words, I just made the case against raising minimum wage. This is an issue that Democrats have held over Republicans for decades. Like clockwork, Democrats raise the minimum wage issue every two years – every election cycle – when they send out their fund raising letters to their union supporters.

The State Party, the RNC, and our elected Republicans need to go on offense and expose this effort "to help the little guy" for the fraud that it is. When Democrats raise the question in congress – here in Minnesota and nationally in D.C. -- Republicans need to speak out. If they fail to do so, they will only solidify the disgust that stay-at-home-supporters now have.

The rebuilding of the conservative Republican Party starts now. I encourage you to send a message to Republican leaders today. We need their voices of conservatism – not of capitulation.
Last note, if you support the idea of calling a December State Central meeting, please comment below.


Blogger Right Hook said...

A shake-up at the top of the party is needed and if such a meeting will get the process in motion then I'm all for it.

Andy at Residual Forces makes a good case for it.


11/12/2006 3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to the current leaders---but their leadership wasn't effective or enough. Who was following...same 12 people?!

New leaders at the top of the the GOP's 4th and 5th districts are needed...the whole kit and caboodle of them should quietly resign along with Ron Carey--their district outcomes stink. It they can't attract, then they DETRACT.

Moderates make us less effective when they moderate morality, moderate the platform and moderate the message with humorless, humdrum, boring repetitive messages DELUVERED WITHOUT HOPE. With their apathetic 'leave IT to others' attitude they detract from 'the potetntial' inherent in OUR DELEGATES AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER RETURN TO A REPUBLICAN MEETING. The people known as delegates, stay away in droves. These 'moderates' pride themselves on gripping the middle of the road, divisively judging every idea--telling others with ideas it won't work...and why not just accept the fate of these districts. These are not leaders...ie just ask "WHO IS FOLLOWING"...OH YES, THE GANG OF 12? We need thousands.

When we lose some districts time after time AND OUR LEADERS GIVE UP, THEN WE MUST GIVE UP ON THEM. Don't blame today on yesterday...don't blame it on delegates who do and don't show up. Well let's blame the boring leaders! Those leaders blame the climate and the media and the war and everyone and everything except themselves and their lack of leadership.

Republican leaders in the 4th and 5th districts EXPECT stinkin' outcomes, and this is stinkin' thinkin' maximized. It contaminates us all and vaccinates us against success.

Energized leaders and energized people are the message we MUST leave with the next generation...ALONG WITH MAXIMIZED MORALITY AND THE ABILITY TO SEE AND ACT UPON THE NEXT RIGHT THING.

But now we have a bunch of less than magnetic Republicans in the 4th and 5th...AND YES. a very few magnetized and energetized examples of greatness, WHO DON'T GIVE UP.

Yes we have at least two--namely Obi Sium and Alan Fine. These are great men with awesome magnetism, and a truly conservative message written on the letters of themselves, and recorded in their own life experience. These intelligent and competent leaders make a good difference, and they could've and should've been elected.

Where were our 'minions' marching the streets opposing the union's minions? Our 4th and 5th district leaders were lunching and preaching to the choir AGAIN...I'LL BET ON IT.

They could've been launching an offensive...but no...they've alienated too many who could do better, and we're left with these gangs of 12 who all agree they've done everything right.


Let these two 'candidates' lead the 4th and the 5th Districts while they're energized...if they will. They have a life...and they may very well lead us to a better life. These two men really can lead...they're lean and clean and they know what it takes to win a vote -- and they've been there and they've been doing just that.

11/17/2006 6:49 PM  

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