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Friday, November 03, 2006

DFL Smear Machine In Full Gear

DFL Chair Brian Melendez is proving to be quite the execrable slime merchant. Here is his latest bit of lying handywork, employed against Lori Grivna in a desperate attempt to pull his woefully unsuitable DFL candidate in House District 50B over the finish line (click to enlarge):

The first two "strikes" are nonsense, dealt with here and here.

The third "strike" is a new slander they are employing. The substance of that issue has been dealt with here, but I will reprint it for those who don't wish to make the jump:
The Pioneer Press editorial board issued the following correction today:
Lori Grivna, a Republican candidate to represent District 50B in the Minnesota House of Representatives, supports expanding tax credits for all families with children in school to help cover the extra costs of various fees and other expenses. She doesn't favor public-money vouchers to fund private education. This newspaper's endorsement of Grivna on this page Oct. 26 gave an inaccurate picture of her position regarding vouchers.
I don't suppose this will prevent the DFL from lying about her position, but at least the truth is on the table.
Looks like I was right about the DFL lying about her position, but that wasn't exactly a Carnac-like prognostication.


The DFL has put up a candidate with no qualifications for this job - that has become obvious to all but the most partisan (and I am aware of even Democrats who mock the campaign of Miss Knuth). Now they are lying about their Republican opponent in this contest as a last resort. The DFL apparently takes the voters of HD50B for idiots.

Question for the voters of HD50B: How much contempt from the DFL are you willing to tolerate this campaign season?


It should be noted that Education Minnesota did not endorse either candidate in this race. If Grivna were such a menace to public schools, don't you think Education Minnesota would have endorsed her opponent?

Those who know best know that Lori Grivna will be great for public schools and public school children.


Blogger Right Hook said...

"The DFL has put up a candidate with no qualifications for this job - that has become obvious to all but the most partisan..."

It has become obvious to even the most partisan as the Star and Sickle has endorsed Lori Grivna over Miss Knuth.


All of their other endorsements were the expected uber-liberals that are politically virtually identical to Knuth other than they sport a resume with enough tangible accomplishments to be deemed qualified to hold the position of they seek.

11/03/2006 6:26 PM  
Blogger The Dean said...

Yeah, that really does make the point, doesn't it? Any other Democrat they would have endorsed in this crucial race for control of the MN House.

Knuth didn't pass even their laugh test.

11/03/2006 11:35 PM  

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