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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is This Your DFL?

It isn't uncommon for candidates to exaggerate their position or that of their opponent's, but Minnesota's Democratic Farm Labor Party is continuing to perpetuate an outright lie. They are now telephoning voters claiming that Michele Bachmann "has a radical tax plan that would raise taxes 23% on everything we buy – diapers, food, cars, and even new homes would be taxed 23%." [HT ResidualForces]


Michele Bachmann does NOT have a plan to raise the sales tax.

This tele-ad is based on a proposal to REPLACE the income tax with a national sales tax and is outrageous for three reasons:
  1. Nowhere does it mention that the 23% sales tax would REPLACE the income tax. For all but the wealthiest – who spend more – most Americans are not expected to pay more in taxes.
  2. Michele Bachmann has NOT endorsed this proposal. She has only said that it is worth discussing. It is an outright lie to claim that Bachmann "has a plan" to enact this tax.
  3. Wetterling has run two previous TV ads, both making this same claim and both receiving criticism from Twin Cities media for being false and misleading. The DFL knows that this phone call is a lie.
Are you planning to vote DFL? Please, tell me if you support this tactic from your party.

I don't expect you change you vote just because your party is intentionally perpetuating a lie. I don't even expect you to question what else the DFL may be lying about. But, I do want to know. Do you support this tactic?

There is one major reason that the DFL is even running this ad. They think it will work. And, to work, they think their voters are gullible and/or ignorant to the facts. Have you considered taking your party back yet?


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