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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Every year about this time Rush Limbaugh takes the opportunity to refute the politically correct nonsense spread by the mainstream media about the true origins of the Thanksgiving holiday through a reading from his best selling book "See, I Told you So".

Advance warning to you libs out there: prepare to be offended (if you are whiney enough about it maybe you can parlay it into coverage on WCCO-TV). If you can get over your indignation over Rush Limbaugh having the audacity to address the subject, try reading the account (linked at the end of this post) with an open mind. If you're honest with yourself you may actually find it educational and informative in spite of who the author is (if so, check out the rest of the book for further education).

The true origin of Thanksgiving is not the multi-cultural, all hold hands and sing "Kum-Bay-Ya" liberal love fest between the Pilgrims and the Indians the mainstream media and too many of our public schools propagate. The actual origin of the holiday involves faith in God, the triumph of free enterprise capitalism over collectivism, and personal responsibility.

For those of you who have the book, the reading is from Chapter Six: "Dead White Guys or What Your History Books Never Told You".

Rush Limbaugh recounts The Real Story of Thanksgiving.


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