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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Real World Application of the Second Amendment

On Monday a Coon Rapids man exercised his Second Amendment rights to protect himself and his property. As reported by the Star and Sickle:
A 73-year-old Coon Rapids man was at home alone Monday night when he heard the sounds of a break-in on the first floor and minutes later faced an intruder in his second-floor bedroom.

Gerald Whaley told police he fired one shot.

Police today are trying to identify the intruder who died of a single gunshot wound, in what appears to be a case of self-defense.
The intruder ended up at ambient temperature due to his own choices and actions. While it's regrettable that he put the home owner in the position of having to use deadly force, the headline could have easily been "Home Owner Killed by Intruder" had Mr. Whaley not acted in the way he did. The intruder created a situation that could have no good outcome. It was a tragic waste of life that he ended up dead, but at least the innocent home owner did not end up as the victim.

One cannot expect someone in Mr. Whaley's position to be obligated to gamble with his life that an intruder does not have a weapon or intends no harm. The choices one makes have consequences. The intruder chose to break the law and take the chance that he may run into an armed home owner and ended up paying the ultimate price for his gamble.

This story is a classic example of why the founding fathers explicitly included the right to keep and bear arms as a fundamental right. The police cannot be expected to be everywhere life and property are threatened. Citizens have the right and moral obligation to defend themselves, their friends and family, and their property when threatened.

Laws and government alone do not protect us as, by definition, criminals do not obey the law. It is illegal for someone to break into another person's home. In this recent case the intruder chose to violate the law and the police were not on the scene at the time. This situation forced Mr. Whaley to exercise his right to protect himself.

Unfortunately, there are too many elected officials who do not believe in an armed citizenry. Some politicians, such as Senator "no right is absolute enough to endanger the public" Chaudhary and others of his liberal ilk, try to sell the idea that gun rights are about hunting and sport as a means of hiding their agenda to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding citizens or to tax or regulate them out of existence. These weasels often hide behind a bogus image of being "avid sportsmen" to divert attention from their short sighted anti-gun, anti-freedom legislation.

With all of the liberals elected to both State and Federal offices we citizens must be more vigilant than ever about protecting our Second Amendment rights and oppose any attempts to legislatively restrict or eliminate this fundamental freedom.


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