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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Refreshing New Tone

As has been pointed out by several conservative commentators, have you noticed the difference in the reaction of the Republicans and conservatives after this election loss versus that of Democrats and their media cheerleaders after a loss? The contrast is stark.

We hear no whining about rigged voting machines, hanging chads, confusing ballots, or disenfranchised voters. Even though control of the Senate is at stake there is no cacophony of calls for recounts unless the final numbers are truly close. Interesting that the media hasn't even brought up the question of whether or not the counts are accurate or if the other side stole some of the elections.

Most of the analysis, at least by those of us in the Conservative wing, is that we got beat due to problems with the way we ran our campaigns and delivered our message. We are analyzing what we did wrong, what we did right, as well as what the other side did right to figure out what corrections we need to make before the next election. There is no whining about the election being stolen or pointing fingers at the others for failing to get the message out.

The difference is that mainstream conservatives believe in their ideas and values and have confidence that they will eventually be accepted by the majority of thinking people versus an arrogant sense of entitlement to power and influence by much of the liberal leadership.

Chin up, conservatives and Republicans. It will be a rough couple of years with liberals in power (though the silliness of their ideas and actions will provide plenty of fodder for comic relief). The country survived Carter and Clinton, and will survive this setback.

We'll be back and the liberal whining will return.


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