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Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Brighton Budget - Last Call

The December 4th New Brighton Truth in Taxation Hearing turned out to be a real dud. Maybe conservatives are burned out after the last election, or the deceptively low (by New Brighton standards) apparent levy increase did not get people motivated.

Not too many people showed up and the few that didn't witness any serious discussion of cutting the budget. A few citizens questioned some of the proposed spending but received very little in the way of answers. It also looked like there was an organized DFL Night Out with a couple of plants in the audience that delivered some rather long-winded, prepared touchy-feely statements supporting the libs on the council while failing to address spending issues. There were no votes taken or extended debate by the council.

This Tuesday, December 12, the council will approve the final budget. It doesn't look good for the taxpayers as very little, if any, actual spending has actually been cut. Council Members Bauman and Doffing will probably push for some cuts, but given the limited time and the general attitude against further cuts by the three libs on the council there will probably not be any significant cuts.

Hopefully the taxpayers will take note of which council members are working for getting city spending under control and those who seem to think that taxpayers are an endless revenue source. Reigning in the 2007 budget may be a lost cause, but with all three of the big spenders up for re-election next November the people will have an opportunity to take corrective action.


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