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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dear Senator Coleman, Say No To Warner Resolution

I just sent the following letter to Senator Coleman.

Senator Coleman,

I urge you to abandon the Warner Resolution.

Yesterday, on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, you said "I’m not going to vote for a resolution that communicates to our enemy lessened resolve." But, supporting the Warner Resolution will do just that. It will clearly communicate to our enemies that you and your colleagues disagree with the President's plan for victory in Iraq.

I know this is not your intent. You want your constituents to read the resolution before passing judgment. You believe that it supports victory in Iraq and that it simply "highlights a disagreement over an aspect of the strategy, it urges the President to consider to look at all options."

But, how will you convince the terrorists in Iraq to read the resolution before passing judgment? They get their news from CNN-NBC-ABC-CBS, who will report that the Warner Resolution expresses disagreement over the President's strategy – not just part of it, but all of it. They will clearly communicate to our enemies that America is losing its resolve to win in Iraq and use both the Hagel-Biden Resolution and the Warner Resolution as evidence.

If you do believe that the President's strategy needs tweaking, I urge you to take this concern to him in private. Exactly what do you hope to accomplish by doing so publicly via a non-binding resolution? Should you be right, you are putting the President– and the nation -- in an awkward position. If he changes his strategy per the suggestions in the Warner Resolution, the President's voice to our enemies will be weakened. They will learn to wait for future resolutions from congress to see what the President's next step in this war will be. Moreover, this Democrat controlled congress will be emboldened to offer more resolutions that further communicate "lessened resolve" to our enemies.

Our enemies need to hear that our government is fully dedicated to their defeat. To counter the devastating effects of the Hagel-Biden Resolution and the Warner Resolution, I urge you author an amendment offering full support for victory in Iraq – and defeat of those who stand in the way.

For those of you who support peace in Iraq, I urge you to send a similar message to your Senator. If you are also disgusted by the travesty in Darfur, understand that pulling out of Iraq will leave Iraqi citizens vulnerable to the same degree of terror and genocide. There will be no peace in Iraq until the war is won – and our enemy is defeated.

If you support the Republican Party and are tired of Republican Senators losing their spine on the Senate floor, then consider signing this pledge.


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