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Sunday, January 07, 2007

DFL Wastes No Time in Proposing Tax Hikes

It's going to be a long and expensive year.

The Democrat controlled legislature did not wait long to propose a tax raising spree this legislative session with several proposed tax increases on the first working day of the session. Among many other things these yo-yos want to raise the sales tax, the gas tax (in spite of the scam transportation amendment that passed last fall), vehicle tab fees, tobacco taxes, and make it easier for school districts to impose levy increases without the inconvenience of a public vote.

All of this nonsense is in spite of Minnesota taxpayers having already been gouged to the point of creating $2 billion surplus even after all of the out-of-control spending of the last couple of years! I hope you liberals, RINOs, and "teach them a lesson" Republicans are happy at the prospects of the state getting even deeper into your pockets. The time to start fighting the liberal tax and spend agenda is now!

Uber-liberal Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller had the audacity to state that "it would be improper to conclude that Democrats are pushing tax increases" and tried to sell the concept that the Democrats actions will cut property taxes. Apparently the plan is for the state to "buy down" property taxes to increase aid to cities and school districts so they will not be "forced" to raise property taxes.

Just how gullible does Pogemiller think we are? Is he suggesting that property taxes are responsible for the $2 billion gouge of the taxpayer? How does confiscating money through increasing taxes to ostensibly reduce other taxes save the taxpayer anything? Note that there is no mention of an obligation for taxing authorities who receive the "buy down" to freeze or cut taxes. This is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme with the state deciding how to divvy up the funds.

Liberal local elected officials, such as New Brighton Mayor Steve Larson, are coming out in support of the concept. It appears that Larson and other local elected officials are trying to blame the out-of-control spending by their municipalities on the cuts of state aid to the cities. Just where do these public servants think the "state aid" comes from?

As a New Brighton resident, Mayor Larson's appearance on KSTP sure looks to me like a laughable effort by the big-spender to present himself as a tax cutter in preparation for his re-election campaign this fall. It ain't gonna fly on this blog or with anyone in New Brighton who has been paying any attention to the actions of the city council.

Talk show host Jason Lewis has started Minnesota's Tax Cut Coalition to apply pressure on the Governor and the Legislature to halt tax increases and return the surplus to the rightful owners, the taxpayers, through implementation of permanent tax cuts. There will be a petition presented to the Governor as well as a massive tax cut rally on the steps of the State Capitol on Saturday April 14th, 2007 at 11 am. You can join the coalition at Jason's web page.


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