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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Free Ramos and Compean!

By now, many people know the story of border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. They are scheduled to start serving sentences of 11 and 12 years respectively.

Their prosecution by the Department of Justice and their subsequent conviction are an outrage by any standard.

In the process of stopping a drug smuggler who had already transported over 700 pounds of marijuana across the Texas border, they apparently violated some Border Patrol policies. One of the agents shot the smuggler in the rear. That did not stop the smuggler who made it back across the border into a waiting van.

The most serious charges were “civil rights” violations of the illegal smuggler during the very brief and dangerous encounter on the U.S. side. It was a cost-no-object prosecution where the smuggler was brought in to testify against the agents and of course offered total immunity.

(The same smuggler was quickly back in business, caught with more marijuana, and given complete immunity again by the DOJ.)

What is really disheartening about this case is that it uncovered what is a de-facto “no pursuit, no arrest” policy of the border patrol.

Because Ramos and Compean acted bravely and actually did their job of protecting the American public, they are paying a very dear price.

The case is a powerful slap in the face to law-abiding Americans who now know there is little border protection due to ass-backwards policy. It is a handcuffing of agents whose job it is to protect the border. And it is a powerful signal to illegals and drug smugglers that they can walk all over us and the only people who will go to jail are the agents who try to enforce our laws.

You can do something about this outrage by writing to the President, your U.S. Representative and Senator. Say that DOJ policy must change in order to protect us and not the criminals. Urge a complete pardon for Ramos and Compean. They deserve medals, not prison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear stories like this, I'm suspicious. I realize the fed. gov't is incompetent, driven by pernicious philosophies, and sometimes downright malicious, but it's hard for me to believe that border patrol agents can get 11 or 12 years for violating border patrol "policies." If you want people to believe your story, you're going to have to explain more of the facts and give a plausible explanation for how such an apparently minor infraction led to such serious punishments.

1/09/2007 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try taking a little personal responsibility!

It doesn't take all that much to do a little research for yourself. A quick Google of Ramos and Compean will yield an evening worth of reading.

These guys got hosed!

1/09/2007 10:10 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

You also may want to check out this site.

It just doesn't seem like justice was served when the two agents who put their lives on the line to protect the country were treated like were while Sandy "Baggy Pants" Berger got a slap on the wrist and ducked a felony rap.

1/09/2007 10:26 PM  

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