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Monday, January 22, 2007

Governor PU-Lefty's Obscene Budget

Governor Tim Pawlenty once again sold out his Conservative base and continued his skid to the left today with his proposed budget to spend the $2.2 billion projected surplus instead of returning it to the taxpayers who were gouged. In total, the Governor proposes to increase the already bloated budget another $3.5 billion, with most of the increase going to the already obscenely over funded fiscal black hole known as "education". This is just the so-called Republican Governor's proposal--it will be even worse when the socialists in the DFL raise the ante.

The Governor's budget is a slap in the face to the Conservative base that put him in office. He should be aggressively advocating spending cuts and demanding that the taxpayers who were gouged by the over collection of over $2 billion. The tax relief should be through permanent tax cuts and passage of a taxpayer's bill of rights that limits how much and makes it more difficult for future legislatures to raise taxes. He should not sign on to the DFL scam of "property tax relief"--property tax collections did not cause the surplus! Property taxes are too high, but that problem needs to be addressed at the source (local government and school boards).

The Governor should be threatening vetoes by the score if the legislature does not cut spending. If the lawmakers want to spend more on any given item they can damn well find the money by cutting the already bloated budget.

For example, the state already spends over 43% of the budget on education in one of the highest taxed states in the country. How can politicians say with a straight face that "education" is under funded? The Gov and other allegedly conservative office holders need to grow the spine (and other anatomical attributes) to do what needs to be done and tell Education Minnesota to take a long walk on a short pier. How much money would be available for legitimate needs (such as roads and bridges) if the Department of Education were eliminated? Private sector businesses often are forced to make 5-10% cuts to get corporate budgets into line--there is no reason the "educational community" can't handle a modest cut.

And you libs out there, please spare me the "the children will be hurt" crap. The children may actually end up being better off if responsible funding of education eliminated some of the taxpayer financed liberal indoctrination that has infected the education system. I'm not just picking on education--there is plenty of other spending that can and should be gone after with an ax rather than a scalpel.

Wake up, Governor, and remember how you got elected to the office in the first place and start governing like a conservative. The political party you save from becoming a permanent minority party may be the one you ostensibly head.


Blogger John Galt said...

Right on. Besides the question of principle, there is the practical point that in negotiations, you always ask for way more than you expect to get, so that you can use some of your points as bargaining chips without coming away from the table the loser. We can assume that the DFLers will insist on more spending than the Guv in at least some areas, so he should have started much lower; then he could have made himself look reasonable by meeting them halfway on some points, and still come away with a budget that had some attractions for his supporters.

He should have figured this out already. Either he hasn't, in which case I want to retract my vote on the grounds he's a fool, or he isn't interested in reducing spending like a good conservative, in which case I want to retract my vote because I'm a fool.

1/23/2007 2:24 PM  

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