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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Economy in Decline? Thank a Democrat.

When the next recession comes, which may be as soon as later this year, the blame can and should be squarely affixed to the new Democrat majority at both the state and national levels. Since taking office these clowns have wasted no time in pushing tax increases, increased regulation, and anti-business rhetoric. This is an unholy trinity that can only pressure the economy toward recession.

On the national level the Dumbasscrats have instituted an insidious "Paygo" rule that basically guarantees that if one tax is cut another one will be raised to offset it (theoretically a tax cut could also be offset by a spending cut, but with the liberals and RINOs running the show the chances of this are about as good as Jesse Jackson endorsing David Duke for President). One casualty of this stupidity could well be the Bush tax cuts. These tax cuts, which are largely responsible for bringing this economy out of the last Clinton recession, are due to expire and renewing them will be viewed by the lefties as a new tax cut that must be offset with additional taxes.

In addition to the stupid Paygo rule, Shrillary is talking about punishing oil companies by confiscating even more of their revenue with an economy busting additional tax on their profits. Combine this with just the fact that doofuses like "Dingy Harry" Reid and "Tyranncy" Pelosi are in charge and have rammed through business killers like the minimum wage increase and it doesn't look good for the economy.

On the local level the DarksideCrats are proposing increasing just about every existing tax and instituting new ones. So-called "green" legislation and the accompanying over-regulation, talk of state-wide smoking bans, dumping more tax money into the abysmal black holes of "education" and "transit" can do nothing but give businesses the incentive to leave the state or start laying off.

Democrats and liberals can't seem to grasp the basic economic lesson that an economy gets more of what it subsidizes and less of what it taxes. These public self-servants are highly subsidizing the nanny/welfare state and taxing productivity. If these dim bulbs are truly our best and our brightest we're in deep trouble. I think the problem may be that the best and brightest actually work to produce something of value to themselves, their families, their employer, and/or society in spite of the obstacles the government creates while bureaucrats go and play in their legislative sandbox oblivious to the real world.

Clearly the 2006 election was, and will continue to be, a disaster for the country and the state. Hopefully the electorate, as well as the RINOs and the Republican leadership, have realized what a mess they have created and will lead to corrective action within the party leadership and eventually at the ballot box.


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