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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Global Warming - A Lot of Hot Air

If it weren't for the assaults on our liberty, economic well being, quality of life, and personal property rights perpetuated by the political left and their doting accomplices in the main stream media the recent global warming hysteria would be downright humorous. There are serious problems that our nation needs to address, but global warming is clearly not one of them. On second thought, the global warming problem does need to be addressed, but from a perspective of debunking the preposterous doom-and-gloom hype and preventing the purveyors of this load of horse crap from gaining the political clout to implement their dangerous ideas.

The global warming "problem" is first and foremost a political creation designed to provide an excuse and/or political cover to enact laws and policies that give greater regulatory, revenue collection, and social engineering powers to governments. Through the propagation of misinformation in the mainstream media, the liberal education system, and even the good (but highly misguided) intentions of the clergy, the global warming charlatans are attempting a political power grab that, if successful, will have an extremely negative impact on American prosperity and freedom as well as that of the rest of the world.

In spite of the assertions of the former Vice Perpetrator and noted climatologist Algore that the current warming trend of the Earth is primarily caused by human activity and that there is no room for debate on the matter there are many scientists who, using real science, rational thought, and common sense, refute the left's hysterical claims of global warming as nonsense. It is appalling that so much of the mainstream media (and the general public, based on media influence) accepts the frenetic ramblings of this opportunistic dullard as the last word on the subject and suppresses coverage of alternative views on the subject that have a lot more than emotional gobbledygook backing them up.

Global warming is occurring (the current -15F air temperature in Minnesota not withstanding), and has been occurring, along with global cooling, on a cyclical basis for at least since the last ice age. And there is nothing we as humans can do to appreciably alter the situation one way or the other so we might as well settle in, adapt accordingly, and enjoy the ride.

Without even considering the scientific evidence that humans are not a significant component of the current warming trend, consider an analysis from a perspective of common sense. Even the global warming doomsdayers (many of whom, by the way, were peddling a theory of cataclysmic global cooling 30 years ago) concede that much of the Earth has been covered by ice in the past and that many of the currently observable geologic features of the planet were caused by the advance and subsequent thawing of massive glaciers. Clearly a whole lot of global warming had to have occurred. How is it that such warming commenced long before humans with their V-8 engined SUVs, industrial smoke stacks, aerosol hair sprays, CFC leaching air conditioners, and the Reagan Administration were on the scene? Considering that North America was once covered with a sheet of ice massive enough to carve out the Great Lakes, mountains and canyons, major river beds, and the Great Plains in its advance, there had to be a helluva lot of warming that took place to make it recede (much more than the piddling sub-single-digit increases Algore claims is occurring due to humans). If warming of such epic proportions can and did occur in the past without the influence of humans, doesn't it stand to reason that it could occur again?

Some of the reasonable global warming proponents (a decided minority within the group as whole) concede that the above argument has merit and, very reasonably, argue that just because the Earth can naturally warm and cool does not rule out the possibility that human activity could also cause a warming of the planet. The key element here is "could". Once again, approaching the question from a common sense perspective there is at least as much, if not more, evidence that humans are not significantly responsible for the current warming trend and, regardless of the cause, the warming will not be the cataclysmic disaster that Algore and Company are claiming.

Consider the documented capabilities of humans to alter the environment in any fashion. Can humans consistently and predictively make it rain in the proper amount over a specified area to alleviate a drought condition? Can humans cause torrential rains to stop when the land is already flooded? Can humans disperse even the wimpiest of hurricanes or tornadoes, or even prevent the potentially deadly lightning in a garden variety thunderstorm? Of course not. Then why is it that environmental extremists believe that humans can, ostensibly by accident, cause climatic changes of a magnitude far greater than just causing rain to start or stop on demand?

Yes, humans can and have caused environmental disasters such as toxic waste sites (e.g. the New Brighton Northwest Quadrant ;) ), ground water contamination, and radioactive hot regions like Chernoble. Yet, as bad as some individual cases of environmental damage (whether accidental or intentional) caused by humans, none have significantly threatened life on Earth as a whole. And also, to give us humans some credit, we do have the technology and capability to clean up many of the messes that have been created and have done so.

If human activity is the main cause of global warming, why didn't it occur earlier during the rapid growth of the industrial revolution, the massive growth of fossil fueled transportation, the rapid growth of the post WWII consumer product industry (not to mention the detonation of two nuclear bombs and hundreds of nuclear tests)? It's also interesting to note that during this period there was little to no attention paid to curbing fossil fuel emissions while for at least the last 35-40 years tremendous reductions have been made. Why didn't we see an increase in global temperatures much earlier in the last century and a subsequent cooling in the last couple of decades?

Another interesting tidbit is that global warming is apparently occurring on Mars. Apparently the couple of BattleBots on steroids that NASA landed there a few years ago must have generated a whole lot of pollution.

The bottom line is that there is clearly no evidence to warrant giving up our liberties, property rights, and economic well-being through the imposition of a multitude of taxes, heavy-handed regulations, and establishment of tyrannical government authority at all levels (local, state, national, and international) to save the Earth from the ravages of global warming. While there are well-intentioned people who sincerely believe the planet needs to be saved, they are being used by the leaders of the global warming doomsday cabal to promote the implementation of their warped ideas of social engineering and to acquire political control.

The "solutions" proposed to this non-problem are largely anti-capitalistic and designed to drag down the greatness of America to the level of the failed socialism of Europe. France, the most spineless and corrupt member of the EU, has even had the audacity to "demand" that the US sign on to the economically suicidal (even Algore recogized this) Kyoto treaty as well as future nonsense and are threatening to impose a "carbon tax" on US interests. Maybe the US should remove all of the greenhouse gas spewing military bases that prop up the sputtering economies in Europe as a gesture of good faith.

President Bush should publicly tell the French and the EU (as well as the domestic environmental extremists) in the name of the American people to stick their demands in a bodily orifice that is safe from solar induced heating. This would also be an appropriate suggestion to Algore and his global warming snake oil sales force.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of hot air about global warming continues. At the Sierra Club community meeting last Wednesday in Shoreview's Community Center, the community was treated to a triple treatise on global warming. The new--the proud---the 'green' DFL trio harmonized without shame on their CO2 pollution solutions--admittedly a new kind of karoake for the ears of the Northern suburbs. The three have designed pro-active, protective legislation to save us all from the blatant fear mongering of an "Incovenient Truth", ala Al Gore.
(Ever look at Al's college grades? Dear Doubya out-g.p.a.'d Al--facts are stubborn things.)

While it was dubious fun to see the three we just elected as policy makers--i.e. Kate Knuth, Paul Gardner and Bev Scalze in all their freshly elected glory, humbly telling us "help is on the way" for green liberals and maybe for some convinceable conservatives (humbly except for the more experienced Ms Scalze, I might add, who didn't seem to like one on ones with community commoners)! Still I wish all three truth. Truth could make them into legislators with impact on our real world.

Discovering truth about an impending ice age and/or sunshine's effect on the earth's temperatures, sets us free to actually believe in something called stubborn facts. Facts are foundational and shouldn't be confused with the culture of fear that sells newspapers engorged with fiction and myth-addictive panic attacks.

The night of the Sierra Club's discussion had below zero temperatures. This encouraged voters to believe in their current personalized, thermo-experience. Many of the shivering noted there would definitely be an impending "ice age", at least for Thursday--probably for Friday and possibly for the weekend as well. This IS Minnestoa...Star of the North. Let's each encourage these three legislators to focus on reality for a more honest journey toward certainty, based on tangible facts. If they don't they'll remain our myth-addicted imaginary friends--but not for long.

2/09/2007 6:59 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

anonymous -

Goofy liberals like the Sierra Club supporters do make an impact on our real world even when they have not yet found the truth. High taxes, loss of liberty, economic stagnation, and the perpetuation of the nanny state are their legacies.

Actually, I think at least some of them know the truth about how bogus this global warming hysteria is but perpetuate the scam for political purposes. For someone with Kate Knuth's level of education to actually believe this nonsense indicates that she is either playing politics or her copious amount of education involved more quantity than quality and she isn't really all that smart.

Either way, politicians like these are hazardous to our liberty and economic well being and need to be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Please check back often.

2/09/2007 8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not simply quote chapter and verse from the "New Translation" of the Holy Bible of Global Warming, the IPCC summary report? It states very clearly that if we drastically cut CO2 emissions today, we will have global warming for another 200 years or so.

SO, you geniuses, if everything we can do doesn't stop it, then how in Hades did we start it? Is it possible that George Bush was right yet again when he said we should "try to adapt"? Like maybe buying that little farm in Greenland?

J. Ewing

2/19/2007 9:21 AM  
Blogger G-Man said...

That's just it. WE didn't start Global Warming. WE can't stop it. And WE shouldn't fear it. Millions of people before us have survived planetary warming and cooling cycles.

However, if Senator Chicken Little can convince enough voters that the sky is falling, then one would be justified to fear loss of personal freedom and hard earned income to support Chicken Little's power grab.

Fortunately, there are still a few climatology scientists who do not depend on government funding – on Chicken Littles in congress -- to support their school or their research. For more info on this cycle, check out the book Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years by Dennis Avery and Dr. Fred Singer.

2/22/2007 7:50 PM  

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