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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Green RINO: A New Addition to the Dangerous Species List

Yesterday morning Governor Tim Pawlenty continued his political drift that is fast becoming an out-of-control skid to the left and signed the politically correct but economically damaging renewable energy mandates bill. This action also puts his "green" credentials in line with those of fellow RINO Senator John McCain who may have a future need for a running mate on a Presidential ticket.

In this latest kowtow to the Greenies and liberal special interests the Governor leaves no doubt (it was pretty much gone anyway) that he cannot be counted on to put good policy before political calculation. He, as well as the idiots in the legislature who voted for this horrible legislation should be ashamed of themselves.

From the left-wing environmental wacko cheerleaders at the Star and Sickle:
Far more of Minnesota's washers, toasters and televisions will be powered by the wind, the sun and animal manure by 2025 now that a new law has put the state at the forefront of a national push to use more renewable energy.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed the bill Thursday demanding that 25 percent of the state's electricity come from next-generation power sources by 2025, a goal some advocates think will be achieved even sooner.

"We have to break our addiction to fossil fuels," Pawlenty said in signing the legislation.
Why bother with animal manure when we have a much more abundant supply of a similar commodity in the form of liberal policies and legislation?

This bill would more accurately be called the "Government Intrusion and Political Payoff to Guarantee High Energy Prices, Energy Shortages, Higher Food Prices, and Increased Taxes Act". The touchy-feely gobbledy gook used to praise the legislation is used to hide the fact that the entire legislation is not about clean, cheap, safe, and reliable energy and is all about fulfilling the interests of the green and farm lobbies, further empowering the nanny state, and shameless political pandering.

It's interesting to note in the Star and Sickle coverage that the promoters of this steaming load of bio-mass (Fresh Energy environmental coalition, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Union of Concerned Scientists, Assistant Commissioner for Renewable Energy at the Minnesota Commerce Department) all have either a financial or political interest in the legislation as well as a fluffy, feel-good name.

If the government was really serious about safely producing cheap, clean energy it would eliminate the morass of regulatory red tape and expense (and out right prohibition in some cases) that has crippled the nuclear power industry. This of course would cause an immediate rise in CO2 emissions from the resulting protest and whining from the Greenies, but a "more nukes, less kooks" policy would be much more in the interest of the governed and the economy.

Anytime legislation contains terms like "mandates", "requirements", and deadlines that attempt to dictate a market condition or environment we should all be very skeptical and seriously look at whether the responsible legislators should remain in office. Such legislation bears a remarkable similarity in tone and stated goals to the various "n"-year plans of the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately this kind of legislation will more than likely have the same results--generally a negative impact on the economy and the well being of the governed while falling short of the stated goals.

So-called "addiction" to fossil fuels is not a problem. Fossil fuels are currently the most efficient way to keep the engine of American liberty and prosperity running efficiently and are readily available at reasonable prices if the government just gets and stays the hell out of the way. Eventually fossil fuel usage will decline when something better comes along (just like the automobile replaced the buckboard and the DVD replaced VHS) through the free and open marketplace. Government interference will more than likely either delay the natural advancement or result in inferior and/or over-priced commodities.

We would all be better off if our elected officials broke their addiction to over-regulation, over-spending, political pandering, and intrusion into the lives of the governed.


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