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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Anchor Baby Racket

The man from a foreign country arrives first. Though likely without proper documentation he takes a job in a restaurant and works a few months. His wife comes a little later, miraculously, just time to have a baby in America.

While the parents are not citizens, the baby automatically becomes a U.S. citizen due to an oddity in the immigration laws.

Supposedly the immigrants are impecunious, though lord knows how they paid for their plane tickets. Your hard-earned tax dollars take care of all the bills for the immigrant couple. This is the best insurance in all the earth, and the immigrants know how to take full advantage.

If there are any medical complications, and this is very common, the bill is simply chalked up to the public.

Most likely the wife does not speak English though she probably understands quite a bit. So she asks for an interpreter. Again at public expense and they’re not cheap.

Often the relatives have a particular interpreter in mind. Did I mention relatives? They usually arrive at the hospital in droves. Some are illegal, some not, but very demanding of the utmost in service and courtesy from the staff.

Typically, the husband, while speaking English, will denounce America and say such things as “Americans are lazy” or some such thing. God only knows what they say about America in their native language to each other.

The story above happens every day, over and over and over again. No one seems to care or bothers to investigate. I’d think at least that a local TV station would check into how America is being ripped off in this way. But no.

Canada took care of this problem years ago when they had a flood of Hong Kong refugees having babies just as airliners landed on Canadian soil. They said if the parents are not citizens, neither is the baby. America has a lot of catching up to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things are getting murky in America when Canadian's get it and we don't. Seems like unethical cloning to try to make a U.S. citizen out of two non-citizens!

Here we observe one more social program gone awry...now try to fix this. We could ask Tim Pawlenty, Norm Coleman or even Amy Klobuchar....er, hmmmmm, ahhh...is there anyone else out there??? Might have to elect someone for this job...seems to outside the job description of these three MN'leaders'--let's rewrite those job descriptions starting "right" now.

4/03/2007 9:11 AM  

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