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Saturday, March 31, 2007

DFL = Damn Fine Liars, or ...?

Newsflash: The DFL lied!

DFL apparently stands for "Damn Fine Liars". If you find yourself in need of amusement there are lots of words that start with a "D", "F", or "L" that you can put together to create an accurate portrayal of what the DFL controlled legislature is doing to the people of Minnesota.

Gubernatorial candidate "Tax Hike Mike" Hatch said during the campaign that taxes did not need to be raised. He said he would close some loopholes and increase collections of unpaid taxes, but that no new taxes needed to be raised with anticipated surpluses of up to $2 billion. When Minnesota Public Radio asked future House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher whether taxes would need to be raised in 2007 she answered without hesitation or equivocation, “no.”

Apparently in DFL-speak "No" means "Absolutely, and with extreme predjudice".

House DFLers have so far introduced 62 bills to increase state taxes by over $5 billion, and the meter is still running. Although not all of the bills will pass (due mainly to time constraints, not a lack of desire by the DFL to shake us down for all they can get away with) the socialists in the DFL are going to authorize major tax increases before the scheduled end of the regular legislative session on May 21.

The DFL servants of the people are orchestrating a PR campaign that stresses that tax increases will be focused primarily on the inherently evil "rich people". As anyone with even a minimal understanding of economics (this obviously leaves out most liberals, socialists, and DFLers) would realize there are serious practical, not to mention ethical, problems with this approach. At least these clowns are consistent in that they have never let practicality or ethics stand in their way when building their utopian empires.

Even if the DFL tax increases truly target "the rich" everyone will eventually be squeezed in one way or another. Although many of the new taxes would not (at least theoretically) be directly imposed on most "working" Minnesotans, the taxes will negatively impact those who employ most them. Idiot liberals just can't grasp the concept that squeezing businesses through onerous taxation results in layoffs, reduced private sector investment, and economic stagnation (or worse).

The DFL assault isn't limited to just the income tax. These power-hungry self-servants also have proposed hiking property taxes, sales taxes, franchise taxes to name a few, as well as authorizing other "taxing authorities" to further pile on after the state has finished it's public mugging. If a business manager and a retired couple own identical adjoining houses that place the same burden on municipal services, the DFL would collect more property taxes on the manager’s home simply because they have determined that the manager can afford it.

When it comes to "sanding off of the truth" there are liars, damned liars, and DFLers. The tax addicted DFL charlatans orchestrate their campaign of lies and deceit through the twisting of some "statistics" in their politics of envy and greed. They claim that evil "rich people" pay less than 10% of their income in state taxes, while "middle class" folks pay over 12% in state taxes. As is usually the case with socialists they don't let facts impede their delivery of self-serving propaganda:
The 23,668 people in the top one percent of Minnesota earners pay 24.3% of state income taxes. They pay more income taxes than the combined income taxes of the 1.9 million Minnesotans who earn less than $76,000 per year, the bottom 80% of income earners.

The average person in the top 1% of Minnesota earners pays $59,000 in income taxes. That is 671 times more than is paid by someone who earns $20,000. Do the top earners consume 671 times more of the resources for public schools, college grants, subsidized health care, subsidized transportation, subsidized food, cash payments, police or fire protection? No, they just pay for it for over half of the other citizens and get chastised by the parasitic liberals and socialists for having more.

Even when all state and local taxes are taken into acount, the top 1% of Minnesota earners pays more in taxes than the bottom 50% of Minnesota earners.

Most of the top 1% of Minnesota earners also pay separate state and local taxes as owners or shareholders in businesses. Add in all of these taxes to federal income taxes, a double share on Social Security, and other federal fees, these people work Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday to pay their taxes. And the socialists in Saint Paul claim this is not their “fair share”.
The moral of the story: when a liberal/socialist/DFLer says they will make the tax system "fair", grab onto your wallet and get to the ballot box as soon as possible to vote the lying parasite out of office. The property, wealth, and rights you preserve may very well be your own.


Blogger jroosh said...

You can't help the caboose by slowing down the engine.

3/31/2007 11:59 PM  

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