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Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Axiomatic: Liberals in Power = Higher Taxes

From yesterday's Sunday Star and Sickle:
Despite earlier pledges of fiscal restraint, DFLers in the Legislature are proposing increases in the income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax, liquor tax and license tab fees, along with new levies on lead paint, gravel, deeds and cosmetic surgery.

It's unlikely that all of them will get passed. If that happens, the total would approach $3 billion for 2008-09.
Not to be a "we told you so", but we at Boots On told you so. It didn't require any special ability in prognostication or mystical powers. Liberals in power are synonymous with tax increases. Minnesota is already one of the highest taxed states in the nation and taxpayers have already been gouged by the state for an over $2 billion surplus, and these clowns have the audacity to propose an additional $3 billion in taxes.

Such monumental feats of legislative spending have often been described to be "like drunken sailors". The big difference, however, is that in the case of the sailors they are spending their own money that they earned through their own labor. The legislators simply confiscate increasing amounts of money earned by the people of the state without regard to the hardship it will cause.

Hard core liberals don't even show a hint of shame at their total disregard for how they spend the hard earned taxpayer money (see the previous four posts for an overview of some of the essential "investments" these losers are proposing). As stated by Larry Pogemiller (DFL-Minneapolis), one of the biggest redistributionists in the legislature:
"You cannot have new investments without new revenue".
Only a liberal (or, I guess, an outright liar, economic illiterate, or a socialist, communist, redistributionist, etc.) can say with a straight face that government spending is an "investment". Note the single-minded, laser-like focus liberals put on the need for new sources of revenue without even a mention in passing at the possibility of cutting existing spending as a way to accommodate new "investment". But I'm sure existing state spending has already been cut to the bone.

Governor Pawlenty is at least hinting that he will make frequent use of the veto pen, but between his own recent leftward leanings and several RINOs that are as bad as the DFLers it is far from a certainty that the liberal taxation onslaught can be beaten back.

I sure hope you Republicans who stayed home last election day or voted for candidates on the side of darkness and evil are happy. Quite a lesson you taught the Republicans--one that shows how both ignorance and education can be very expensive.


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