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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Keeping Tabs on District 50B Elected Officials

You can use the links below to bypass the navigational maze on the state legislature web site to quickly see what legislation Representative Kate Knuth and Senator Satveer Chaudhary officially have their fingers into:

Legislation authored or co-authored by Representative Kate Knuth

Legislation authored or co-authored by Senator Satveer Chaudhary

For those in other districts, you can click these links and then modify the address line in your browser by substituting the name of your representative or senator for "Knuth" or "Chaudhary".

The DFL (aided and abetted by some renegade RINOs) is conducting an unprecedented attempt to consolidate the power of the nanny state and run roughshod over our property, liberty, and wealth this session. Governor Pawlenty, in spite of some brain-dead decisions such as signing the economically destructive Energy Mandates legislation, lately has been threatening some vetoes but clearly we can't count on the Governor to always do what's right. It is in all of our best interests to stop the stupidity before it gets to the Governor's desk by politely, but firmly, voicing our disapproval to our elected officials when they propose legislation that is not in the best interests of the electorate.

It seems that politicians often aren't quite the uber geniuses they portayed themselves as during their campaigns. They constantly need to be reminded how they got to the lofty position they hold and that the same people who put them in office can bounce them when the next election comes around.


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