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Monday, March 12, 2007

Minnesota House of Legislative Horrors - Part 2

More Minnesota House legislative idiocy...

And Car Salesmen are Stereotyped as Crooks...
Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis) would give you a tax credit for buying an “alternative fuel” car. If you don’t owe any Minnesota income taxes, the state will pay you the 10% as a cash refund. The bill has no limit on the 10% credit, the refund, the price of the car, or how long you own it. (House File 1002)

What a bonehead! One could quit their job to meet the "no income taxes" requirement, buy a $40,000 car for $40 million, sell the car back to the dealer for $38 million, and make $2 million courtesy of the taxpayers. Dealers could offer some creative financing where they could offer a no money down program where you pay the finance fee out of your $2 million windfall. A win/win/lose situation for the buyer/dealer/taxpayer.

She's Baaaack...
Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) first wanted 16-year-olds to vote in school board elections (House File 428). She then realized how unfair this was and decided to expand her proposal to amend the constitution to allow 16-year-olds to vote in all state and local elections. (House File 630).

An attempt to downgrade the average intelligence of DFL voter closer to the level of the nimrods they elect.

Drunks Have Deep Pockets
Rep. Michael Paymar (DFL-St. Paul) wants to increase excise taxes by up to more than eight times current tax rates for most alcoholic beverages. (House File 1050).

...think of it as a "DFL in Power Impact Fee" if it makes you feel better.

Give an Illegal Alien a Break
Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul) wants illegal aliens to get in-state tuition. Illegal aliens would get discount tuition if they spent three years in a Minnesota high school, earned a GED, and promised to file to become resident aliens at their earliest possible opportunity. (House File 722).

Words used to mean things. What part of "illegal" does this dolt not understand?

Soak the Cheese Heads...
Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL-Brooklyn Center) wants to give in-state college tuition to illegal aliens who file a paper saying there are applying to legalize their immigration status. The same bill would raise tuition for students from Wisconsin and some other states, instead of relying on their home states to pay the difference under reciprocity agreements. (House File 682).

Real smart. Give a break to an illegal at the expense of a U.S. Citizen. Maybe students can save money if they denounce their citizenship, go to Canada or Mexico and then sneak back across the border and apply to the U of M. Do legal immigrants who followed all of the immigration rules get the same raw deal as the natives?

...What the Hell, Soak 'em All!
Rep. Diane Loeffler (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to set tuition for MnSCU colleges and universities at the same rate for all students. Minnesota residents would lose their in-state advantage over both students from other states and illegal aliens. (House File 1032)

Welfare Moochers Need Leisure Time Too
Rep. Cy Thao (DFL-St. Paul) wants to waive the work requirements of welfare programs for immigrants who are getting funds from certain federal programs. (House File 316).

Break the Law, Get a Check
Rep. Steve Simon (DFL-St. Louis Park) wants to give cash bonuses to illegal aliens. The bill would create a tax credit for English classes, citizenship classes, and application fees. If an alien’s tax bill is lower than the cost of these expenses, the bill would give the balance of the credit to the alien in cash. (House File 747).

Why not give cash bonuses to other law breakers while we're at it? Where's the incentive to legally immigrate to this country without becoming a burden on society?

Move Convicted Perverts to the Suburbs or Small Towns
Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) wants to draw stay-away zones in such a way that large concentrations of convicted Level II and Level III sex offenders in Minneapolis and St. Paul will have to move to the suburbs. (House File 476).

How quaint. Imagine a Mayberry-like community with Otis the lovable town drunk replaced by Lester the Molester. This could also cause logistical problems if Bill Clinton comes to visit the Twin Cities (maybe Rep. Kate Knuth (DFL-New Brighton) would let him crash at her place in the 'burbs).

Spreading the Cancer
“For the purpose of promoting economic diversity throughout Minnesota and to alleviate the concentration of low-income households in high poverty areas,” Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) would create a tax incentive to move more low-income housing to the suburbs and rural communities. (House File 777).

He just wants to do for the suburbs and outstate what liberalism has done for large cities.

Expand the Mandatory Seat Belt Law
Rep. Mike Jaros (DFL-Duluth) has proposed a requirement that every shopping cart in Minnesota must be equipped with “a strap, device, or piece of equipment designed, using reasonable engineering standards, to prevent a child from falling out of a shipping cart. This meaningful bill does not include penalties for failure to provide helmets and fire-proof suits for riders. (House File 620).

Why not make shopping really safe and require roll cages and air bags? A trip to the grocery store could really get expensive for scofflaws when the state decides to run another "Click it or Ticket" campaign.

Replace Parents with Psychobabblers (and soak the taxpayers to do it)
Rep. "Tommie the Commie" Tillberry (DFL-Fridley) offered a bill with a blank check for school districts to hire people to provide for the “emotional and social well-being” of students. The blank appropriation would pay for more school counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and other “licensed student services personnel.” (House File 808)

We're just not "investing" enough (only 43% or so of the state budget) in education these days. Hey,Tommie, there's this radical concept called "parenting"...maybe you should look into it.

DFL Perpetual Majority Act
Rep. Kent Eken (DFL-Twin Valley) has proposed a constitutional amendment to allow the Legislature to set the process for deciding who is the winner in a race for state-wide offices, judgeships, and the Legislature if the leading candidate gets less than 50% of the vote. (House File 600).

Why don't we save money and eliminate the elections entirely and let our fine, unbiased public servants pick the next legislature? This proposal warrants an immediate and thorough drug test and, if he somehow passes (check him for a Whizzinator before administering the test), follow up with an IQ test that requires a score in double-digits to keep his seat.

More Empowerment of the Nanny State
Rep. David Bly (DFL-Northfield) wants to provide $5,000 scholarships and $100 bonuses to people who take care of children up to kindergarten age. The scholarships and one-year completion bonuses would go to “early care and education providers.” (House File 814).

Scholarship for who/what? Why not just cut taxes so a family can afford to have one parent at home during the day to raise the children?

Why not a Right To a Big Screen Plasma TV and a New Lexus Every Year While We're at it?
Rep. Tom Huntley (DFL-Duluth) has proposed a constitutional amendment. It would state: “Every Minnesota resident has the right to health care. It is the responsibility of the governor and the legislature to implement all necessary legislation to ensure affordable health care.” Millions of people may move to Minnesota if this bill passes. (House File 683)

"Affordable" for who? Minnesota - The land of 10,000 taxes and 10 Million Societal Parasites.

Lottery Lunacy
Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL-Minneapolis) would expand the state Lottery system to include gambling games for local parks. (House File 67).

...watch for the companion "Lots of Money for Gambling Addiction" bill that is sure to follow.

What the Hell, the State Subsidizes Everything Else
Rep. Al Doty (DFL-Royalton) wants the state to sponsor lottery games to benefit ballet, opera, and historic preservation. (House File 819)

Hey Al, there's this thing called the free market and private fund raisers. Maybe the state can help out and finance the restoration of classic cars or antique glassware collections for citizens who want to help out in this crucial mission of government.

Stupidity Rears Its Ugly Head Again...
Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to require the State Fair to allow lottery tickets to be sold on the grounds. (House File 1055).

Ever notice how politicians like to push legislation with words like "require" in it? Why not get the governments fingers out of it and allow those who run the State Fair to decide if they want to sell lottery tickets or not?

Glad They Worry About the Important Problems Faced by Society
Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to define how “licensed interior designers” apply “design theories of human behavior and aesthetics.” The bill defines “human behavior” solely as “the characteristics and behaviors of individuals and groups that relate to the physical environments in which they function, and to the processes of environmental modification and change.” (House File 991)

Some people actually believe that “human behavior” has more to do with interactions with people, not furniture. But then again the average coffee table would score higher on an IQ test than some of the dunces that get elected under the DFL banner.

Guess Who's Going to Pay for This Vital Need?
Rep. Loren Solberg (DFL-Grand Rapids) would require six weeks of summer school for students in grades 1-4 to learn a foreign language. (House File 623).

Why bother? The state will give hiring preference to immigrants in jobs that require a foreign language anyway. Notice the "require" language again. If the state must mandate learning a foriegn language wouldn't it make more sense for "immigrants" who do not speak English to take English classes as a requirement to keep getting their welfare check?

More Social(ist) Engineering
Rep. Neva Walker (DFL-Minneapolis) wants taxpayers to forgive college costs for people who provide mental health services to clients from cultural or ethnic minorities through a non-profit organization for three years. (House File 575)

What special interest is this a payback for? Maybe if the government got out of the education regulation business college costs would settle to market determined rates and not be a major obstacle for people to pay in the first place.

Another Legislative Candidate for a Mandatory Drug Test
Rep. Larry Hosch (DFL-St. Joseph) would allow schools to administer physician-prescribed “naturo-pathic medicine. the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person. Methods of treatments are chosen to work with the patient's vital force, respecting the intelligence of the natural healing process. (House File 748)

This is "naturo-pathetic" legislation.

Free GEDs
Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis) would waive the test fee for GED tests for persons who are “precariously housed,” without defining the term. (House File 751)

Assuming for the sake of argument that the government should get involved in stuff like this, what does one's housing status have to do with the need for a GED? As a guideline for defining "precariously housed" check out the average college dorm...

Yet More Nanny State Encroachment
Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) wants to create grants for “family, friends, and neighbors” to gather pre-school children together to read them books. (House File 796)

We already subsidize such a concept. It's called a "library". Again, there's this radical concept known as "parenting" where parents can take their kids and their friends to the library...

So Much For the Free Market
Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) would make people in the suburbs and Greater Minnesota pay more for car insurances by forbidding insurance companies to set higher rates for the Twin Cities and any other area where there are more crashes, DWIs, and car thefts. (House File 53)

And what happens when insurance companies decide not to issue policies in the Twin Cities? Ever wonder why so many people involved in accidents are discovered not to have insurance?

Maybe the Family Name Was Originally "Paymore"
Rep. Michael Paymar (DFL-St. Paul) wants taxpayers to give you a $500 bonus if your insured car is stolen. (House File 425)

A "bonus"? How many beaters are going to get over insured and then mysteriously disappear? Slick operators will use the $500 dollars to offset the overpriced insurance rates caused by Rep. Lesch's brain fart when you go buy your "alternative fuel" vehicle (see the first entry in this post). And those silly Conservatives think the DFL is against free enterprise!

A Demolished Building is a Healthy Building
Rep. Brita Sailer (DFL-Park Rapids) wants to allow the Clearbrook-Gonvick school district to use its state funds for “health and safety” programs to pay for demolition of the old Gonvick school building. (House File 831)

Why not just bus in some inner city students with "behavioral issues"?

Closing Your Business is Verbotten!
Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul) wants to require an unnamed car manufacturer (Ford) to maintain any unnamed car factory (St. Paul) in operating condition for at least two years after it closes its doors. Lathes, drills, computers, welding gear, and other equipment could not be moved to other plants for two years. (House File 826) .

What is this Bozo smoking? Clearly he has the utmost respect for private property and is a staunch supporter of limited government.

Rep. Willie Dominguez (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to prohibit people who are moving from welfare to work from getting job training from unpaid work unless the welfare recipients sign a waiver for the employer. (House File 924)

...and the employer is to do what with the said waiver?

Bringing Home the Bacon...
Rep. Al Juhnke (DFL-Willmar) wants to extend the runway at Willmar International Airport to 6,500 feet. That will give enough take-off space for Air Force One when future U.S. President Dean Johnson flies home to sand off the truth. (House File 823). He also wants to forgive the debt of the City of Willmar to the State of Minnesota for buying the land to extend the airport runway to 6,500 feet. (House File 824)

But limiting the size of the planes that can land there will reduce Wilmar's carbon footprint, which is always a good thing, right?

It's a Small Price to Pay
Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park) wants to make it the state’s transportation policy to have “the least possible adverse impact on the environment.” That means, no cars for you. (House File 639).

How about keeping legislators off the road by convening only about every decade or so?

Maybe They Should Just Go Dutch...
Rep. Al Doty (DFL-Royalton) wants $500,000 to build a regional community center in Upsala. An alternative would be to give $1,200 to each of the 413 residents of Upsala for pancakes at Perkins. (House File 757)

And if you want bacon and eggs you gotta cough up the cash yourself? Isn't $1200 a little steep for pancakes? Maybe this is where the Senators go to spend their per diem. I'm glad such a vital need didn't get by this courageous servant of the people.

Why Not Just Make It Illegal to Sell Insurance in Minnesota?
Rep. Diane Loeffler (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to raise everyone’s insurance costs by requiring all insurance policies to cover all “dependent children” until age 25 on their parents’ policies. The current law requires coverage only until age 19, unless the “child” up to age 25 is a full-time student. (House File 475).

Why not just require insurance companies to issue policies for free? Problem solved. No worries about socialized medicine. Isn't liberalism wonderful? Ever wonder why health insurance is so expensive in the first place?

Simon Says: Your Land is the States
Less than a year after Minnesota enacted sweeping Eminent Domain reforms, Rep. Steve Simon (DFL-St. Louis Park) is back with a bill to create permanent “uniform environmental covenants” which would allow the government to freeze or seize land where work is performed to clean up, eliminate, investigate, minimize, mitigate, or prevent the release or threatened release of contaminants affecting real property in order to protect public health or welfare or the environment.” The government could goose-step in and apply heavy pressure on small land-owners to sign these covenants or face extensive litigation costs to prevent agency intrusions on their land. (House File 1063)

I think he left out "and to protect Truth, Justice, and the American way."

Rebate Regulation
Rep. Carolyn Laine (DFL-Columbia Heights) would make it unlawful for a business to advertise a price that deducts a manufacturer’s rebate “by displaying the net price of the advertised item (the price of the item after the rebate has been deducted from the item's price) in the advertisement, unless the amount of the manufacturer's rebate is provided to the consumer by the retailer at the time of the purchase of the advertised item. It shall be the retailer's burden to redeem the rebate offered to the consumer by the manufacturer.” Further, it would be “unlawful for any person to refuse to accept a photocopy or other reasonable facsimile of an original sales receipt when a consumer is redeeming a rebate.” (House File 1104)

Aren't you glad that public servants like Ms. Laine have the courage to take on such pressing problems for our benefit? Why not just make it illegal to offer rebates? It would be easier to implement and have the same effect.

DNR to promote "thinning the herd" of DFL Voters
Rep. Al Doty (DFL-Royalton) wants the Department of Natural Resources to declare an extended spearing season on “suckers.” (House File 1362)

But why would he want to do such a thing to voters that put him in office? I wasn't even aware that such a season existed in the first place.


But wait...there's more! (coming soon).


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