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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Sneak Peek at Socialized Medicine in Action

The recent scandal of the shoddy facilities and treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center as well as at several Veteran's Administration hospitals serves as a sample of what happens when the bureaucracy of the government attempts to administer health care. If the massive government bureaucracy can't effectively and efficiently handle the needs of the relatively small population of our most deserving, what would make one think that it could handle all of civilian health care? Obviously it can't as socialized medicine has been a dismal failure in terms of cost and/or quality of care everywhere it has been tried.

Keep in mind that the population served in caring for our veterans is much smaller than the American citizenry as a whole (not to mention all of the illegal aliens and others the liberals who promote socialized medicine would insist also be covered). It's been said that implementing a government run health care system that so many of the liberals in power (who, for all practical purposes, are just socialists with slick media campaigns) are promoting would result in a huge new bureaucracy run with the efficiency of the Postal Service and the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service. Not a pretty picture.

There is nothing mysterious about why this is the case. Socialism is a disease that attempts to defy the natural laws of economics while consuming individual wealth and liberty, often under the cover of good intentions. No amount of good intentions, wishful thinking, or empty promises by schlock politicians will change the inevitable failure of any government program or entitlement that is based on the cruel lies of socialism.


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