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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Representative Kate Knuth Has Some 'Splaining to Do

Apparently Representative Kate Knuth is not a big fan of this blog. Gee, I wonder why not?

In the last New Brighton Bulletin Representative Knuth submitted a Letter to the Editor that indirectly references Boots On as "a resource claiming to provide information that I "am not telling you."" and proceeds to offer to "candidly" answer any questions constituents may have. I guess she thinks that our take on things is not candid enough.

After some partisan spin and political rhetoric about what the "message from voters in November was" she complains "that there are some who might want to cloud the issues or play to people's fears by distorting the important debate that is taking place at the Capitol" and eventually concludes that "while we may not always agree, I can promise to answer your questions directly, promptly and without partisan spin or political rhetoric."

Representative Knuth concludes her letter by inviting constituents to ask her questions at a town hall meeting from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, April 28, at the New Brighton Family Service Center. Although those of us at this blog believe Knuth to be wrong or misguided on virtually every issue of consequence, we sincerely applaud her for taking the initiative and having the courage to provide such a forum. Many politicians, especially liberals like Knuth, would not expose themselves to the embarrassing questions constituents could ask given what Knuth and her party are responsible for in this legislative session.

As far as what Representative Knuth is not telling you there are a number of things that, to put it politely, she has not gone out of her way to comment on. The upcoming forum would be a good place for her to elaborate on a few things (actually, she has a lot of 'splaining to do to the taxpayers of her district and the state).

For example, Representative Knuth recently voted in favor of the Omnibus Spending bill from the Senate (SF1997) that increases spending by over 18% (when was the last time you got an 18% raise?). This bill was so full of unconstrained spending and bad policy like mandating domestic partner benefits not even for just same sex (and liberals wring their hands over sky-rocketing health care costs?), pouring over a $1 million into public broadcasting etc., etc.. There were several Republican amendments that offered the opportunity to eliminate some of the most controversial and egregious provisions, all of which failed and all of which Knuth voted against.

This bill is so flawed that many DFLers voted against it, but it passed 68-64 with Consistent Kate maintaining DFL party discipline and voting for the bill. One of the amendments that Knuth voted against was one that attempted to remove the generous per diem and housing increase for legislators. When was the last time you voted yourself a pay or benefits increase (or, for that matter, even had a per diem for just showing up work?). Will she refuse to take the money? Inquiring minds and irate taxpayers want to know. Perhaps this is a question she could provide a candid answer to at her forum.

She could also explain, without any partisan spin or political rhetoric of course, why tax increases are needed when there is a $2 billion surplus (Note to Kate: please don't play the "education needs it" card, as Governor Pawlenty had already proposed $700 million more to education without increasing taxes), how much wasteful spending she has proposed to cut (none), what gives the government the right to tell farmers they can't smoke in their own fields (nothing), as well as explaining her reasoning on towing the DFL line at virtually every opportunity to support the DFL Tax and Spend Fest '07.

Can't wait to hear the answers to these and other questions from the constituents.

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