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Monday, April 16, 2007

Tax Cut Rally a Huge Success in Spite of Media Distortion

The crowd count from the Tax Cut Coalition Rally on Saturday is in from both the State Patrol and the private security firm that provided crowd control at the event, and the figures are not good news for tax raising liberals in the legislature.

In spite of most of the TV and radio coverage reported that the event drew “hundreds of people” the State Patrol estimated the crowd at approximately 6000, and the private firm estimated it at 5000-7000. Capitol officials said that this event was the largest of its kind in recent history and quite possibly of all time. In spite of this huge success the local media apparently did not consider the event newsworthy.

The tree-hugger weenies held their global warming "action day" across the mall at the same time. Their blatant attempt to hold their wuss-a-thon a week before Earth Day to discredit the Tax Cut Coalition event fell flat with maybe 2500 showing up. This was in spite of much more advertising, bands, and financing from some heavy-hitter national liberal organizations like the Sierra Club and MoveOn.org.

Even the meager coverage by the Star and Sickle was buried on page B3 and the Pravda Press put the story next to the obits. Both implied that the two crowds were comparable in size, and the Star and Sickle coverage included a very misleading photo (look at the photo and then check out the crowd shots linked below and judge for yourself).

You can see the photographic evidence by going to the KTLK-FM web site and clicking “Tax Cut Rally” just under the search box near the center of the page. With most browsers you can also go directly to the pictures page by clicking here.


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