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Friday, April 13, 2007

Tax Cut Rally Saturday 4/14 at Noon - State Capitol Steps

Just a reminder that there will be a huge tax cut rally on the steps of the capitol tomorrow, Saturday April 14 at noon. This will be a great opportunity to show the DFL that there is a strong and serious opposition to their planned mugging of Minnesota taxpayers. Almost as important, a strong showing will also help to unite Republican legislators in opposing the DFL insanity and to convince the Governor to give his veto pen a vigorous workout.

It should be noted that a bunch of socialists from the Sierra Club, MoveOn.org, and various other anti-capitalistic and anti-liberty groups will be holding what amounts to a counter demonstration on the capitol mall at the same time. These losers are hoping to disrupt the free speech rights of the Tax Cut Coalition and manipulate the cooperative media into distorting the coverage. For the record, the Tax Cut Coalition obtained a permit for the tax cut rally a couple of months before the commie-libs, who are staging their so-called "global warming day of action" a week before Earth Day, convinced the Capitol authorities to issue them a concurrent permit for the mall.

Please come on out and show the tax raisers that the taxpayers have had enough. We need to get as large a crowd as possible to offset the well-funded and highly organized liberal losers who want to crash the party.

The rally was a great success! Jason Lewis asserted that this was the biggest crowd ever for one of these rallies (I've been at all of them and concur). The crowd was large and well behaved, with some very creative signs. I particularly liked a couple of large ones toward the back of the crowd that said "Tax Cuts Now!" on the side facing the tax rally and "Schmucks!" on the side facing the tree huggers.

For quite a while the global warming weenies seemed to have more tents than people. It took getting a band going about two hours into the event for them to draw a relatively respectable crowd, but one still much smaller than that of the tax cutters. This bodes well for the good guys in that the liberal event was much more widely promoted and financed by some heavy-hitters. It really was a pretty pathetic turn out for them considering how much money and organization was behind it. I didn't see any mainstream media out there, so it will be interesting to see how DFL Don and his ilk spin things on the news tonight.

I also didn't see Kate Knuth or Satveer Chaudhary there, though they may have been across the mall enjoying an organic lemonade in one of the smoking-prohibited tents that were provided for shelter from the global warming.


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