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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nanny State Revenue Rangers Hit the Road

The nanny state fund raiser known as "Click it or Ticket" is on again for the next week or so. During this period local and state Revenue Rangers will be aggressively enriching state and local coffers in a game of motorized "gotcha" that is counter productive to promoting safety (isn't it better to pay attention to your driving than to look for cops preparing to ambush unsuspecting commuters?) and is disastrous for law enforcement public relations.

The two posts (1st post, 2nd post) I submitted during last year's law enforcement revenue shake-down still apply to this year's program, but Rush Limbaugh revealed an additional angle on his show today. Apparently $30 million in Federal gas tax revenue is being funneled back to the states to finance this nanny state nonsense, as summarized in today's "Rush in a Hurry" update:
Gas taxes are funding seatbelt roadblocks. "Click It or Ticket" is the campaign. The feds and the states say they don't have enough money for road improvements, so they spend $30M to ticket you? And they'll still have to raise taxes, just watch.
This literal highway robbery is not a proper or efficient use of law enforcement in a free society.

Be careful out there...


Blogger John Galt said...

Sorry, Right Hook. I think this is an example of failing to choose your battles. I know this is the state that lets people ride motorcycles without helmets, but it's also the same state that's pushed the legal activity of smoking to the sidewalk, and as Soucheray's tag line says, "the state where nothing is allowed." I agree that it's obnoxious to use the power of the State to force people to use seatbelts, but our complaint will never get any traction. It makes so much sense to use seatbelts that most people are just going to shrug their shoulders about the roadblocks. Find something to complain about that will resonate with more people.

5/26/2007 1:53 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Agreed that it's not the most critical battle we face, but it's yet another one of the little things the nanny state wastes our money and the efforts of law enforcement on. Every time I see or hear one of those lame click-it-or-ticket commercials I get PO'ed that my taxes helped pay for it.

We literally have people being shot on the streets, our country and culture are under invasion from Mexico, domestic terrorism is on the rise, and our law enforcement is going after seatbelt violators and smokers while running up a bunch of overtime. Shades of "Car 54 Where Are You?"...

And to add insult to injury, after claiming there is no money to fix the roads, the nanny state is diverting tax money to finance this farce while our roads and bridges fall into disrepair. Seems like priorities are out of whack.

5/26/2007 2:48 PM  

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