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Friday, June 08, 2007

Katharine McPhee - Useful Idiot

Celebrities who shill for politicians usually fit one of two profiles: 1) they’re way past their prime and don’t sell much product any more. These celebrities (think Oak Ridge Boys) are usually out there for Republicans; or 2) they’re so huge and popular that their fans willingly overlook their politics just to get another musical fix (think Springsteen or Mellencamp). This celebrity type usually supports Democrat candidates.

So, what to make of a celebrity who is out there advocating for a political position who is neither washed up nor an unstoppable musical force, but is rather just getting started in the biz and needs all the fans they can get? That’s my question about American Idol Season 5 runner up Katharine McPhee.

On June 6th, the Hillary Clinton campaign held a campaign rally in downtown Washington DC to launch “Club 44”, a women’s lobbying group formed to elect Clinton as the 44th president. A number of celebrities and performers were present to promote the Clinton campaign; among them was Katharine McPhee:

McPhee has experienced rather modest sales of her debut album, moving fewer than 500,000 units to date in the five months that it has been on the market. Twenty percent of those sales were in the first week of its release. By contrast, Elliott Yamin has sold nearly 300,000 CDs in less than a month since release. While her beautiful face is ubiquitous on magazine covers, it is fair to say that she is struggling to break out as a musical artist, struggling to develop a strong fan following. One has to wonder what she was thinkng in pimping for the most polarizing politician in America.

I have been an advocate for McPhee, finding her to be a promising figure, both as a performer and as a person. But I simply cannot remain in her corner any longer, given this latest turn of events. I have in recent years adopted the leftist attitude toward patronizing those businesses and persons whose aggressive political advocacy is opposed to mine – I don’t. For example, I won’t even consider buying products offered by Tom’s of Maine, Ben & Jerry’s, or Progressive Auto Insurance. And I swore off Pepsi products, including their delicious orange food group (Doritos and Cheetos), because of the anti-Americanism their then-CFO (now CEO) Indra Nooyi expressed during a commencement speech at Columbia University in 2005.

In short, my “McPheever” has broken – I am officially “Over It”.

What’s sad is that McPhee doesn’t actually seem to have a clue how stupid this move was for her career. Other blogs have picked up on her attempted career suicide and have commented on her cluelessness, such as this snarky shot from MeeVee:

"Hillary is such an advocate for women and stuff like that," Katharine wisely noted. You can tell that Katherine McPHee really does her homework when choosing political candidates to back. Her insight into Clinton's stance on such a large spectrum of issues, including "stuff like that", undoubtably proves that McPhee isn't just some shill paid to work the crowd but truely believes that Clinton is the best choice for this country... bah who am I kidding, McPhee probably doesn't even know what party Clinton is running under much less her stance on anything that doesn't have ovaries.

Remember folks, you don't have to listen to anything that politicians say, just remember which of your favorite Idols back which candidate and vote accordingly. Bah, who am I kidding, nobody votes anymore anyway.

And this jibe from The Gossip Girls (my favorite daily stop, right after Powerline) :

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton held an outdoor campaign in Washington DC to rally with supporters last evening (June 6). There to help her election cause was American Idoler Katharine McPhee.

The event, held on a downtown parking lot during rush hour, seemed to be composed of a mostly female crowd. “They clicked in 8,000 people,” Clinton announced. “We are going to make history together for our country.”

Clinton, who leads the Democratic presidential field in early polls, celebrated the opening of “Club 44,” a code phrase for people who support her goal of becoming the 44th president.

“Hillary is such an advocate for women and stuff like that,” Katharine wisely noted. The 2006 finalist from American Idol provided the musical entertainment for the Clinton rally, along with singer-songwriter Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and a gospel choir.

It really is a shame that she has chosen to go in this direction. My suspicion is that she was unwittingly roped into appearing for Hillary by Babyface, who produced music for McPhee’s CD and is one of the group of musical performers who toured for Kerry in 2004. I’m sure she means well, perhaps thinks that supporting the candidate with a uterus is the best way to help women, but a fat lot of good that’s going to do me and this country should Hillary Clinton be elected president.

The Soviets used to have a derisive term for those in the West who mindlessly lapped up and regurgitated their Communist propaganda – they were refered to as Useful Idiots. Katharine McPhee, in promoting a leftist candidate and worldview about which she obviously has a limited understanding, is following close enough in this tradition that she, too, has earned for herself the designation of Useful Idiot.


Blogger Right Hook said...

One learns something new every day. I thought that "Club 44" was a reference to Mrs. Clinton's hip circumference....

In any case, Mrs. Bill Clinton is in no way a role model for women who strive to advance on their own accomplishments and abilities.

What has this woman accomplished that is not a direct spin-off of her sham marriage to a very skillful and highly corrupt politician who successfully scammed his way into the Presidency?

6/09/2007 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty classy, going right for the weight joke. I am sure that you are slender and married to a size 0 who doesn't want to accomplish anything besides being your wife (which is her role). Wives should be librarians and their role should be supporting their husbands!

6/15/2007 2:08 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...


Lighten up (and maybe try decaf).

The weight joke may have been in poor taste, but was nothing compared to what the Clinton slime machine does to people in their way.

You've inadvertantly wandered into the point I was making. Mrs. Clinton is free to make accomplishments, but just what is it she has accomplished that qualifies her to be President?

She's applying for the most powerful position in the world with virtually nothing on her resume that indicates she has the ability to do the job. In addition, her past includes several negatives that indicate she does not have the ability, temperment, or character to do the job.

By the way, the same applies to Obama. Just what has he really accomplished besides being a slick speaker and a personable guy?

6/15/2007 9:09 AM  

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