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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An "al Qaeda Democrat" Meets His Match

The authority that Senator Webb claims for himself regarding foreign policy rests substantially on his military service, and he never misses an opportunity to play the "I fought in Vietnam" card against his adversaries. So, it was enjoyable to see him flounder so pathetically in an exchange with Senator Graham regarding Iraq on Sunday's Meet the Press.

Senator Webb haplessly played his trump card not once but twice against Senator Graham and both times found himself holding in his hand nothing but twos and threes and his own deflated sense of manhood.

Three minutes into the exchange, Webb takes umbrage with "politicians" (Graham) who wish to put words in the mouths of the troops, most likely something that occurred when Webb served in Vietnam and which he still bristles at. He starts to go after Graham with "Have you ever been... I've covered two wars as a correspondent...", obviously trying to take Graham down a notch. Unfortunately for Webb, Senator Graham served in Iraq as a Reservist and has been there seven times as an elected official. (Webb has never visited Iraq). The "I served and you haven't" gambit blew up his face.

Near the conclusion of the exchange, Webb attempts to buttress his position by drawing on the prestige of not only his military service, but that of his ancestors stretching back to the Revolutionary War. Take that, Senator Graham! Whoops... Senator Graham's family tree is also built on a long tradition of service to country.

His "moral authority" neutralized, all that was left for Webb was to brandish a piece of paper and hyperventilate about a New York Times poll. Senator Graham was not impressed (though he did seem wary of incurring a paper cut from Webb's macho waving of that 8x11 poll result).

Interestingly, Webb once attacked those in our midst who worked for our defeat in Vietnam. Now, with his uninformed and nakedly political calls for defeat in Iraq, he has seemingly decided to become that which he once despised.

Here's a passage from an article written by citizen James Webb in 1995:
The people who directed the antiwar movement did not care whether McNamara had a workable strategy, or whether it could have been adapted to circumstances. They did not care whether Nixon's Vietnamization program might have worked. They did not care whether the South Vietnamese should have been given an adequate chance to adjust their strategy after the American withdrawal. And they did not care whether the communists signed a pledge guaranteeing free elections and a peaceful reunification of the country. Quite simply, they wanted the communists to win. Those who were adults during the Vietnam era know this truth full well. Others, however, particularly our children, have seen it glazed over and even denied as the reality of what happened after 1975 became ever more clear.
It all sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it? Webb could just as easily be talking in this passage about himself and his Democrat surrender coalition regarding Iraq. They have no interest in seeing us win in Iraq. George McGovern, anti-war Democrat nominee for President, once spoke these words to James Webb regarding Vietnam and his own opposition to that war:
"What you don't understand is that I didn't want us to win that war."
If only Webb and his co-conspirators were as honest with us today about their desire to turn over Iraq to al Qaeda.


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