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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How To Lose Our Tails

Once again, Democrats are talking about ending the War in Iraq by pulling out our troops. Exactly how does this "end the war"? How does turning tail and running from those who seek to kill us result in peace?

Surrendering Iraq to Al Qaeda will only result in more slaughter of innocent civilians. The fighting will not end if we leave Iraq. Al Qaeda does not seek to govern through winning elections, they rule with torture and terror. Pulling out of Iraq will make Darfur look like a gang fight in Central Park. Is this what Democrats call peace?

I have previously described these Democrats as "desperately seeking surrender". But, "surrender" implies and end to the fighting – and succumbing to the dictates of our enemy. As we have witnessed throughout the 1990's, the dictates of this enemy is death to Americans. Turning tail on this enemy will only get our tails shot off. If Al Qaeda merely followed us to Iraq, they would surely follow us home as they did successfully nearly six years ago on one September morning.

Still, the strategy of Democrats to gain power in Washington by falsely promising peace through defeat is curious. At first, I was convinced that their political strategy would fail. Americans typically don't support losers – or those who promote losing. The logical flaw in this peace through defeat argument is rather obvious and the lessons of history prove that surrendering to terrorism only leads to more terrorism. Surely, in time, truth about this false promise of peace would lead to the defeat of these Democrats.

But, there is a strange political twist afoot. A few Republican Senators seem to be swayed and mislead by the polls. They see the falling support for the handling of this war and presume that the Americans now support defeat. These weak kneed Republicans know talk of quitting the fight and pulling out our troops.

Where's the logic in this?

If we bring the troops home this fall, the slaughter in Iraq will be in full swing by next spring. Democrats won't get blamed for this. America knows that Democrats can't handle the responsibility of defending our shores. They simply don't expect Democrats to behave any better.

If Iraq is in utter chaos next year because we pulled our troops too early, Republicans will get blamed for not standing stronger together and not waging the political battle to demand victory in Iraq. As more Republicans act like Democrats, more Republican voters will turn tail and run from the voting booth in 2008.

Could this be the cunning strategy of the Democrat Party – to get more Republicans to act like Democrats and lose more base Republican supporters in 2008? Could they be this smart? Or, could Republican leaders living inside the Beltway, have become this dumb?

It is a fact of politics. The politician's spine eventually bends toward the loudest voice. Perhaps, if the Republican base is so inspired, its collective voice could straighten the spines of these wavering Republicans in Washington.


Blogger Right Hook said...

Your are correct in your assessment of the rigidity of a politician's spine. The problem is that we have far too many politicians and not enough statesmen.

7/11/2007 9:42 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...


7/12/2007 9:42 AM  

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