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Friday, July 20, 2007


Sewer rats. Imagine hundred upon hundreds or large cat sized rats swarming in the fields, roadside ditches, and backyard pond areas near your home. They are endangering your children and family pet. Now imagine you are told that even though your children play in your backyard where they nest and hunt you can not kill them because it is against the law. Does this not go against protecting citizens of serious health and safety issues? What if this same thing occurred with skunks? Would you not want public health officials and elected representatives to take immediate action and eliminate this health and welfare issue?

Ah! But we are not talking about rats or skunks but over ridden colonies of mutant pestilence ridden former domestic animals numerous generations from what little tabby used to look like. These thousands upon thousands of Feral cats get sanctuary by pulling the heart strings of the St. Paul City Council, over and above the common sense it would take to protect Saint Paul’s children and the city’s highly disturbed ecosystem.

In an article by the Pioneer Press titled St. Paul / Skinning the city's feral cat problem Executive director of Hastings' Animal Ark No-Kill Shelter, Mike Fry, is described as devising a very lucrative business plan with the City of Saint Paul when the paper reports: “Together with Animal Ark, the city expects to purchase dozens of feline traps for its "Feral Feline Fridays" program.” The article goes on to explain: “Every Friday, the Animal Ark's "Neuter Commuter" - a $171,000 RV custom-designed for spaying and neutering cats - would be waiting for them. The people [volunteers] who bring the cats in would then be asked to return them to the colony.”

My first question, Do these volunteers get free rabies shots before they catch and release these wild animals?

Secondly, How much profit will this bring in for Animal Ark?

Thirdly, How much will taxes have to go up to sterilize these dangerous colonies?

And finally, Why won’t the City Council step up to the plate and treat this infestation in the same manner they would rats?

Who can understand the St. Paul City Council’s negligence to address the health and safety of its citizens and community when they do not have a backbone to eradicate disease carrying feral cats?

We take down trees because of Dutch Elm disease but won’t put to sleep disease ridden cats that endanger our children?


Blogger Right Hook said...

Of course, feral cats that have been spayed or neutered also instantly acquire a friendly disposition towards humans and are disease free.

And the geniuses at city hall will wonder why the "3S" (shoot, shovel, shut-up) method of dealing with the problem will start becoming more common place among residents who will do what they have to in order to protect their family and property since the government won't.

Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

7/21/2007 8:37 AM  

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