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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Remember Mary Jo. Forget Ted.

Today is the 38th anniversary of the death of an innocent young women named Mary Jo Kopechne. Mary Jo's death was directly due to the selfish and negligent actions of Senator Edward Kennedy. Kennedy used his family's wealth and considerable political power to extricate himself from the potential legal and political problems the incident opened up to get off with the figurative slap on the wrist and hold on to his US Senate seat.

This is the same Senator Kennedy who, to this day, sits in judgment of Supreme Court nominees and promotes the dangerous liberal agenda that threatens our security and freedom. Disgusting.

For those of you too young or too liberal to remember:
On the night of July 18-19 1969 Senator Kennedy, a 37 year old married man, hosted a party on an island called Chappaquiddick with 5 other men (4 of them married and under 40) and 6 women (all single and under 30). By the accounts of neighbors and the authorities the party was loud and had no shortage of alcoholic beverages. At about midnight Senator Kennedy, who reportedly rarely drove himself, secured the keys to his car from his chauffer who was at the party and drove off with the 29 year old Mary Jo Kopechne.

Sometime within the next few hours (there are many inconsistencies between the various accounts given by the senator and the available physical evidence) the car went off the side of a bridge and landed upside down in a pond in six feet of water. The Senator's car, with the dead body of Mary Jo Kopechne inside it, was discovered by some kids going fishing at about 8:00 AM on the 19th. At about 9:30, while the authorities were removing the body and attempting to determine the owner of the car, Senator Kennedy, accompanied by his lawyer, got around to reporting the accident to the local police. The delay between when the accident occurred and the time the senator came forward conveniently eliminated any possibility of Kennedy being subjected to a blood alcohol or field sobriety test.

The subsequent investigation indicated that Mary Jo's life may well have been saved if the accident had been reported promptly as the position of the body indicated she died of asphyxiation (not drowning) and had been holding her head up in a large air pocket within the car. In the opinion of the experienced rescue diver who removed her body from the car, Mary Jo fought for her life for at least an hour (and possibly much longer) before she used up the trapped air in the car. The senator's known movements from the accident scene took him past a prominently lit fire station with a clearly marked emergency alarm that would have brought help within minutes.

While Mary Jo was fighting for her life, Senator Kennedy was getting back to his hotel room on the mainland and contacting various family, political, and legal resources. He also appeared to clumsily attempt to establish an alibi when he asked the desk clerk at his hotel what time it was, claiming that he had misplaced his watch.

After the incident the Kennedy political machine arranged for the quick removal of the body from the jurisdiction of the local coroner for embalming and burial. The subsequent spin and downplaying of the most damaging details in the press by the Kennedy political machine was inadvertently aided by coverage of the first moon landing that was dominating the media on the days following the accident.

At the subsequent court proceedings the senator copped a plea for "leaving the scene of an accident" and avoided a manslaughter charge.
For a detailed account and analysis of the incident, there are many internet resources such as the YTEDK site. The books "Teddy Bare" (ISBN 88279-109-5) and "Senatorial Privilege" also present detailed accounts and analysis of the incident.

You can also watch the YouTube video of the senator making a lame and very self-serving attempt to spin the events.

The Senator's actions and inactions of 38 years ago illustrate his total lack of judgment, character, morality and integrity which make his misguided political positions even more difficult to take. One can be politically misguided yet still earn the respect of those who disagree. Senator Kennedy has earned all of the contempt and derision he gets and a whole lot more.

Although this tragic event probably spared this country the disaster of a Ted Kennedy presidency we must not forget that an innocent young women paid the ultimate price for Senator Kennedy's reckless ambition and disregard for others.

Rest in peace, Mary Jo.


Blogger Daria said...

Scooter Libby gets serious jail time for a non-crime. Ramos and Campion get 10-12 years for defending our border from a criminal. "America's Swim Coach" gets off scot free and subjects this country to another 40 years of his "service" in the Senate.

It just isn't right.

Maybe the U.S. should start spreading the rumor that illegals will be deported and that Senator Kennedy will be driving the bus across the Rio Grande after loosening up at the bar...it may be the most effective thing Kennedy could do to solve the so-called immigration problem.

7/21/2007 8:27 AM  

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